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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pay Consumer! Pay!

So the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is ready to go ahead with their ghastly plan to charge their customers for the damages their infrastructure suffered as a result of Hurricane Ivan. Yes the suffered loss, so the Jamaican public must pay! This is compounded with the ever increasing electricity charges resulting from the constant increase in fuel charges and an increase granted by their ally the Office of Utility Ripoff...I mean office of Utility regulation (OUR). Honestly, I don't see the need for the OUR because it seems the Utility companies get to do anything they want anyway. I may be wrong, but that's just how I see it. I have plan to give up energy conservation as it makes no sense anymore. I'm not going to rant and rave too much as it won't make any difference and because this cartoon form the Gleaner sums it up well!

9 commented:

our wallets and bank accounts cry out in pain every month.. :(

If you are away from your house for a mth you bill is the same amt :-( What the JPS need is some competition in the market.....remember how it was with C&W before Digicel got here....OUR not worth a comment!

lol I saw that charge on my last jps bill, its not much though.

what funny to me is that I wasn't a JPS customer then why am I paying for damages pre me.

Bastards. If the people have to pay for the damage the company should have to pay for the extra it'd cost to bury the lines so it wouldn't happen again.

well, one way or another, the people always pay. At least they told you, rather than sneak it in there as 6 or 7 lines of various inscrutable taxes and fees.

somethings never change..poor lil consumers always have to foot the bill

GRRRRRRRRR ...@#$&**#@ JPS

Where can i find the OUR building ...i kinda got a likkle gif for them. heh heh heh heh thats my evil laff btw

It's clear that the JPS and the OUR are in cahoots. They just exist to give the consumer a false sense of utility regulation.