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Friday, August 26, 2005

Jamaicans Blamed for Ivan's Damages!

Drugs, crime, murder. It seems Jamaicans get blamed by everyone for a lot of things, but it's the latest crime that Jamaicans have to be punished for that really gets to me! "Acts of God", yes we the people of Jamaica are being blamed by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) for the damages to their infrastructure by the hurricane Ivan last year September. And as such we now have to pay for the cost incurred by the JPS for the repairs they did to their own system!

The OUR, Office of Utilities Rip-offs...oh sorry, I mean the Office of Utilities Regulations, really sold us out and granted the JPS the special additional fee they requested with their rate increase to cover the cost of the repairs due to Ivan earlier this week. So now the hard working, underpaid, inflation ridden Jamaican people will have to pay an even higher light bill because the JPS thinks it's their fault Ivan came and damaged their property and as such should pay for the repairs.

This sparked outrage and a few Jamaicans took to the streets to let big bad monopoly JPS know how they feel. Of course most of us continues with our normal routines, after all what can we do? Stop using the light?

Well since JPS got the OUR to legalize an illegal act, they must have been happy and celebrating. Oh no, no,no,no my friend. The JPS had a press conference to express their disappointment and anger that the OUR did not grant them a larger fee! Can you imagine? Can a company be so heartless?

What will we blamed for next, Global Warming, Erratic weather conditions? Who will blame us next, Cable and Wireless, Digicel, The National Water Commission? When will poor people's suffering end? When?

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Hi Stunner-What a load of crap. Dem will tell yu anything. Actually, we here in Florida were also faced with a huge increase in our electric bills, but that was denied by the City for now. It's getting more difficult to live these days.

Skunk seh!!!!
"Dem damn out of order man!
So they must be telling us that they are opporating at a loss and they make no profit that should be used for acts such as this!!"


Lets hope that they don't privatize the NWC next. All we need is another tyrannical utility company...I heard somewhere, that Mirant(JPS) is guaranteed a certain level of profit every year and that is part of the reason for asking the consumers to absorb the costs associated with Hurricane Ivan.

In today's environment, candle light dinners will no longer be for romantic occassions, instead they will be a part of every day living.

And y'all need to watch wha gwaan wid the gas prices, yu soon need loan to fill up yu gas tank on a regular basis. I'm gonna buy myself a decent bicycle and a good pair of running shoes for my next birthday. This is just the motivation I needed to lose a few extra pounds.


that is something else. Wonder how exactly they rationalize that conclusion.

I wish I could have joined the protests. It is a "hold down and tek wey" ting the government and their cronies (JPS, OUR, etc) are engaged in. We need a civil war!!

I sense your frustration, very very evident in this post and with just cause.

How do they expect the rest of you all to pay for damages you incurred from the hurricane? Individuals have enough hardships as a result of living through the hurricane themselves without being forced to take on the OUR's losses.

big companies been messing with the small man for how long now. is just a way of life now. we can fight them but its like we neva win. real frustrating

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That's how poor people suffa when the government doesn't care and the untility company is a monopoly.