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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Jamaican Ghetto Bling Culture

There seems to be a prevailing culture in Jamaica, I call it the Jamaican Ghetto Bling Culture. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying all persons in the areas termed as "Ghettos" is like this, neither am I hitting out against persons from these areas nor am I bashing anyone's personal choice. I am just talking about my limited observations. This article is not about the hard working people in these areas who want a better life.

Times are hard in Jamaica, trust mi it rough. At times my pocket dry like the Sahara dessert and shallow like river bed. However, I just cant understand why the "poor"people, or I should just say some of the people, in the inner-city communities complain about "how dem bruk", "mi nuh have nuh money", "nuttin nah gwaan fi mi" and "a bare suffa mi a suffa, suffaration" and yet still a di same people dem tun round inna name brand! Have you ever seen them on the news all dressed up in their name-brand clothes, excessive jewelry, well done nails, elaborate hair-styles and Motorola V600 in hand complaining how life hard and dem need help? If as suh people weh a suffa dress up mi need fi get some a fi dem suffaration!

Have you ever noticed how these people always complain how "dem nuh hav nuh money" and how "di government naah do nuttin fi dem", an that dem "pickney dem a suffa" and how "di pickney dem hungry" and how dem "nuh have nuh money fi send dem pickney go a school" and even a turn roun an beg yuh money, but yet a dem deh a all a di dance and stage shows inna all the latest name bran clothes and shoes...and not to mention all di jewelry dem have on, yuh woulda swear seh a dem di gold-mine dem pon. An yuh know one outfit caan wear go a dance more than one time!

Give them some money and they will put some of in the bank, send their children to school...NOT! The first thing dem do is fi go buy Versace, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, gold chain, Clarkes and Timberland and all the expensive name-brand apparel.

What is wrong with these people? Is it their education level...or lack there of? Or, is it a case of wrong priories? What you tink, eeh?

3 commented:

You know one trait common among many self made millionnaire's / billionnaire's? They understand the value of money and even with their wealth, they spend their money wisely.

Lack of education is de root of many ah evil and these people fall into dat root. Dem nuh know de real value ah money.

Thnx for stoppin by stu and campfyah. I think both of you have valid points. I think if they had a good education they would understand how to spend money wisely.