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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bus and Taxi Fares Gone For A Ride

Once again the Jamaican people will feel yet another squeeze on their ever shrinking pockets. The JUTC has been granted and increase. That means that come Monday morning the average passenger will be paying $20 more for their bus fare. Yes more money out of poor people pocket. Only the disabled, elderly, children and government workers are spared from the onslaughts of the JUTCs fare hike.
The perils don't end there! No my friend, the public will also be facing another pocket shocker from the taxis. Regular route taxis have been granted a 25% increase while the base fare for hackney carriages has been increased 20 $125 also rural stage taxis have been granted an increase to $16.90 per stage.

When will the inflation woe of Jamaica be lifted? No pay increases, light bill hike, bus and taxi fare on the rise, what's next?

7 commented:

Beautiful Blog. I will be back!

damn thats ruff. poor people always be the ones who have to suffer the most when things get ruff.

Hi Stunner-I paid $2.67 per gallon last week for gas. It almost cost me close to $40.00 to fill up my tank. The rise in fuel has affected my business (plant broker) since I depend on trucks to deliver. My customers are closing down their greenhouses for the winter months because they can't afford to remain open until the Spring season. That means a decrease in sales for me. It's always the consumer that pays, and we pay and pay. Come to think of it, I do need a cost of living increase.

With fuel prices soaring the way they are, price increases in anything which depends on fuel are inevitable.

Everyone is affected by this. Things really tight and getting tighter. I doh know....

Life nuh easy fuh de working poor yuh know. We all suffering and hoping fuh we big lotto win, what else we gine do.

You're all right. The poor working class people always feel the blunt of the hardships dished out. Weh dem seh "...when mi win di Lotto..."!

The concept of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is one I think created by Jamaica! I have never seen a more overburdened nation of poor people. We need help!!