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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More Work, Less Pay…The Oppression Continues!

When I was younger I used to think that if I worked hard and was dedicated I would be rewarded and appreciated for my efforts. Then I got that pinch and I woke up, all of what I thought was nothing but a dream.

That was what I thought about the working world once upon a time in my life. Now the story is completely far from that fairytale. It seems that when you are at the bottom or near the bottom of the company’s hierarchy you seem to get an overwhelming amount of work. Everyday there is another task added to your list of objectives. Sometimes the workload is realistically overwhelming and an insurmountable list of tasks. Anyway you try your humanly or sometimes superhumanly best to accomplish your tasks to your employers satisfaction.

Now you are rewarded for your hard and diligent work. Come on wake up! “PINCH!” There is no reward. What do you get? Yes you guessed it…MORE WORK. It seems that more you accomplish the more you get. And that’s not all. Have you ever noticed that you almost never get commendation for your hard work? But slip up once, yes just one time and it seems the whole world jumps on your back and start stabbing you all over with blame and accusations. There is more…Do you notice that everyday you get less of the necessary tools you need to work with and how they keep getting more and more outdated, but for some reason your employer doesn’t see it necessary to replace them but still expect the same or even better performance from you? And to top it off, yes the icing on the cake and cherry on top. There is never mention of a raise in your pay no promotion or any bonus or recognition for your dedication. Oh no, and if you even dare ask for a pay increase you are offered with a measly 3% or 4% increase. Where is the encouragement in that?

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. The more you move up the ladder the less work your bosses seem to do. All the seem to do is to delegate work to you, watch over your shoulders like you’re children, go to meetings, come to work after normal working hours have started and devise ways to make your work harder. Also, as you go up that ladder the pay just seen to grow exponentially! And don’t even mention the benefits and perks, some of which could pay not only you, but also your co-workers!

I have come up with a formula for work and compensation…well pay. The theory…well it’s a Law by now, is that the amount of work done by employees/employer is inversely proportional to the pay or compensation the employee/employer receives. I call it the Work Pay Law. I have expressed it mathematically below:

P= 1/kaW,

Where W is amount of work done by employee/ employer
P is the pay or compensation received by employee/ employer
ka is a constant where k1 = employee constant and is a large number grater or equal to 100
k2 = employer constant and is less than 0.5

You do the math. Let me know if that law is the same for you or if you are still dreaming. “PINCH!

8 commented:

Go back to school. Oh, and meetings and managing people not as easy as it looks.

By the way, in case you get the impression that I was trying to be rude, I wasn't. I started out at the bottom of the rung too, relatively speaking...
A little schooling and hard work and ... I am a rung or two higher. Better pay, but I feel I work harder than everybody else and I am underpaid.
But I have done some management and it not nice work atall!

I'm speaking from what I'm experiencing at this time. Congratulations on improving your status, hopefully it will work out for me too as I'm presently going to school.

Yup-always seeems like work killing us with little reward.

work hard and keep you expenses down OR produce a multi- platinum music album. I plan to do the latter as soon as I get some lyrical skills, talent and a record label.

delegating is the ish! lol
but as i move up the ladder i find them still not paying me right. nuff to demoralize a yout

The grass is always greener on the other side, but I don't deny there is a lot of truth in what you say.

Hi Stunner-Totally agree with your observations i.e. especially with the one about boss just doing more delegating. I guess they feel that's their only job duty is "delegating". Everything going up except salaries.