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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Affordable Rent and Houses, Just a Dream?

Why are these apartments and houses so damn expensive? I have been looking for somewhere to rent for the past 2 months and can't find anywhere decent and affordable! It's like rent, decent and affordable can't go together in one sentence.

The prices of houses and apartments have skyrocketed so much. Is like yuh haffi give an arma nd a leg fi somewhere decent. Hey, and fi si di prices weh some people a ask fi some ole bruck dung chicken coop!

It seems I have to move out of town to find somewhere affordable, like Old Harbour or even Maypen. But the downside is that gas money a go kill mi! I say to be poor is a crime now-a -days. Homeless, homless...poor me.

So I'm saying why pay these landlord all of my hard earned money, why not buy a house! Well that's another story. You need to give an arm and a leg and even throw in a torso fi get a house. First of all if you are not a multi-millionare you can only think about one of those matches box houses built by those tiefin constuction companies. Even then you still can't afford it because the downpayment you need to make before getting the little chump change from NHT will take you another lifetime to save.

So until I win the lottery or get a decent paying job I'm damned to fatten the landlords' pockets and suffer.

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Hi Stunner-Just checked my blogg this morning (monday 8/8) Thanks for the visit. Renting-that word makes me cringe. Man, if yu can invest in a little place for yourself even if it's a small place-do it. Renting is like throwing monies away. Since they're building the Super highway, moving out of Kingston doesn't seem like a bad idea. My dream would be to live in the Pt Antonio area. Good luck in your search for either a rental or your owning your own home.

yep things ruff with housing everywhere. its like they really want you to squat

Thanks for the advise sunshine, agree with you totally. But even buying a house, yes even those small matches box houses, seem to be far fetched. Even the $3m houses you have to have at least $500G to secure one of these houses and the NHT loan. It's like being wedged between a rock and a hard place.

Mi slavery worker in crime,
I feel ur pain on the rent thing.
One a small place fi find myself and discover aloneness and behold they giving me a fight.But u know we have to keep the faith. Hope sey some nice old lady or some overly rich person will bus us

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Mi captivity personnel in criminal offense,
I experience ur discomfort on the lease factor.
One a little position fi discover myself and discover out aloneness and observe they providing me a deal with.But u know we have to keep the trust. Wish sey some awesome old woman or some far too wealthy individual will bus us