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Friday, August 05, 2005

21 Million Dollar Man

Once again the 25% of hard working Jamaicans pay is being used to fund the elaborate lifestyle of members of the Jamaican government. The Sunday Gleaner published Sunday July 31 had the frontpage story "Living Large? 21m in travel over four years. Yes or primeminister managed to rack up 21 million of tax payers money in travel! According to the article "Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has managed to rack up a bill of more than $21 million in expenditure on overseas travel in the last four years...And that figure does not include the cost attached to his travelling delegation, or costs contained in other documents which may have been missed during access to information searches."

I'm not saying that the PM should not travel in some luxury or stay at hotels befitting the status of dignitaries, after all he is a PM. But what gets to me is the fact that the government a bawl how dem nuh have no money fi fix the roads, provide proper education, decent health care and fi pay them workers. With all the hardship most Jamaicans face, the article says "on an official three-day trip to Cuba, the Prime Minister had the services of a special assistant, a press secretary and two butlers." Wah one man a do wid two butlers? How can the government expect to tell the civil services: the police, the firefighters, the hard working teachers, the nurses that they can't get any raise of pay, but yet they can afford such luxury?

This carries me to another sour issue. The National Solid Waste Commission scandal. This is a typical example of how hard working taxpayers money is wasted and subjected to highway robbery and no one is held accountable! No baddy nuh gone a jail! And why is it that when the government pays a Jamaican contractor to do work, di work nuh start yet, but yuh hear seh di contactor need more money and di work caan done?

Is the government squandering taxpayers hard earned money or is there some other logical explanation? Tell me, what you tink, eeh?

1 commented:

You cant imagine how upset I was by the news and I dont care what the report following it said...bout the PM within spending limits.


Then if it within the spending limits then that limit should cut. To think how our country has gone to the dogs and him flying all bout pon JET.

Can I tell you the irony is they use our hard earning money fi pop style pon wi.When the PM personal assistant a travel a pure attitude she gi like you know what fi har meck patty.

That 21M did not include the amount paid for his entourage which is not less than two: Personal Asst, Body Guard etc.

Our country is suffering from lack of education. We talk about independence, we will never survive as a nation without the needed investment in education. But guess what that is not going to happen because they want to keep us in bondage, they want Jamaicans to keep burying their heads in the sands.

Why do you think there is so much crime? Check out the reasoning levels of those who are committing these gruesome killings. If the average age for school drop outs is getting less and less it means our nation is getting more and more illiterate.

You cawn blame the teachers, nurses and other professionals from running away.The government cawn pay them cause guess what the prime minister has to maintain a certain lifestyle. Let me not even mention how the police them haffi a fight so much to get a little increase, but yet still the minter dem pay increase the other day and me never hear dem haffe threaten fi sickout before them get it.

Come on people open up your eyes let us move away from this PNP and labourite loyalty foolishness. What is the objective of our politicians both PNP and JLP. It seem like we doomed cause none a dem nuh meck one.

I call for a repatriation to England look how Cayman a gwaan them a di smart one. We are yet to be independent.