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Monday, August 08, 2005

More Suffering...JPS Strikes Again!

Once again the hard working underpaid Jamaican workforce will have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay their electricity bills. It was announced on the news this evening that the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) will be increasing the electricity rates again. Yes my fellow sufferers, we will have to pay more out of our meager salaries to have a little ice in our fridges, watch the news on TV, turn on the fan to beat the heat and have lights in the nights to study.

The JPS will be increasing the energy rate 7.5%. That's six percent more on our outrageously high bills. If you were complaining about your high electricity bills lately yuh nuh start complain yet! Because that's not all...oh no my friends...daddy JPS have something more up him sleeves fi wi! There is also talk about adding a Z Factor to our bills. This Z Factor is to cover the cost of damages that the JPS infrastructure experienced during the past hurricanes, Ivan and Dennis. It seems JPS thinks it's our fault that the hurricane came, and not an act of nature, so we should pay for the repairs. I think this Z factor is just a ploy to rob us and nothing more.

Ever since the government privatized the only major supplier of electricity in the country we have been facing the onslaught of this mighty monopoly. From ever increasing light bills to accidental over charges. No matter how much I try to conserve my bill is always high. I have noticed that for the past 3 times I went away on vacation JPS has managed to send me estimated bills, has that ever happened to you?

Well it will soon be time to face the music as our next light bill might give us heart failure. How much more holes will JPS bore in our pockets?

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Who can we turn to for help? I think it is time the Jamaican people come together and demand that something be done. JPS, we cannot afford it...Z factor...OUCH!