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Friday, August 12, 2005

Yesterday Was A Hit!

Another home run for the 90's party "Yesterday". The party was good from start to end...Well till I left. The event featured Dancehall, Hip Hop, Soca and RnB hits from the early 90's up to the late 90's. The music was kept pumping with non-stop juggling from various DJs.

I have to say it, the girls there were hot! And of course there ware no end to the whining, grinding and gyrating as the music and the FREE liquor mesmerized the well inclined crowd.

Overall it was great. I give Yesterday a 9 out of 10.

10 commented:

Free liquor! Backside, I left Ja. too early? Or was the liquor included in the price of entry?

Look like nuff whining a gwaan based on the pic yes.

nuff wining? where my invite?

Well more than likely the organizers factored in the liquor in the price. But there was no limit on how much you could drink. Fi real dr.d nuff a dat gwaan, nuff.

That was one of the parties I had wanted to go to. I knew it would be good.

I also wonder how the Renasance Birthday Party did go - that was yesterday.

Hi Stunner-Just checking everyone's blogg. I'm so relieved someone picked up on the PARTYING where I left off. LOL

Thanks for dropping by sunshine. Well yuh done know partying caan done in Jamdown.

Hi Stunner-No where other than when I was in my partying stage have I partied like I did as down as Yard. Doan get me wrong, I'm not referring to the whining in your photo, just good drunkin touring fun especially when we used do those night runs up to country.

Dayum and I missed a good bashment?
Dayum! Dayum! Dayum!

Ain't no party like a Jamaican party.