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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Theme Song for the Year!

"My girl tuck in yuh belly!

...From yuh know yuh belly nuh bang,

And yuh know seh yuh look good inna yuh thong..."

Leftside and Esco tep pon some corns! Yes this duo has definately stirred up some emotions from the females...well di one dem weh know seh dem belly bang!

Yes it's about time someone thell them girl deh seh it nuh look good! Someone needed to tell those girls wid di half pregnant looking belly seh "belly-skin" blouse anuh fi dem. I can't understand why these girls know that they have a big belly and think they must torture and emotionally scar us with the site of there swollen bellies hanging over their "hipster" jeans and exposed in their belly-skin blouses.

I'm not talking about the girls with a little fat around the belly area nor am I degrading women with big bellies, cause mi know from experiece seh it easy fi come on but it hard nuh bitch fi get off. What I'm trying to say is that not all clothes fit everybody and bellyskin is definately not for big gut girls. If yuh belly big and yuh want fi wear Bellyskin and Hipsters go wuk it aff, damn it!

Yeah, yeah some might say a dem buy dem clothes and that "a fi dem body su de can ear wah dem want fi wear". But, my God, a wi haffi a look pon nuh hard fi miss a big ratid belly wid streach marks a hang over a tight ass low rise jeans and a hang out bellow di belly-skin blouse.

My advise is if yuh belly big wear clothes weh fit yuh (dat means no belly shin), but if yuh want fi look good go to di gym and fix up yuh body fi the hot clothes...if yuh nuh want fi do any of these, for goodness sake ..."My girl tuck in yuh belly!

What you tink, eeh?

6 commented:

ha ha ha dem girl dem who ware clothes wid dem belly ah hang called Muffin Top---new word from de dictionary ah slang, belly flop ova hipster pants, life muffin flop ova de pan.

agree with you fully my yout

You fi get fi talk bout the blaech out face. Stunner you need to start a blog on the ever famous gay look commonly seen sported by the young men in Jamaica

U guys. Oonuh gwaan like seh a nuh somebody right fi dress how dem want with the body weh dem have.

As Kiprich and Black-er seh
"my girl let out u belly,
Afta mi nuh want u belly"

No gay boy talk round here. BUn a bleaching. Black woman and child.
Its not the colour of your skin but the strength of character that makes you a person
Some of these lego girls now.What tha!!! I remember growing up as a teen.To have a belly was an omen.Now dem belly a get out of a control long before the aging process kick in.
Wear u size.
Peace out

Well... I like flat or close to flat bellies, but the clothes a fi dem. Check this out. If you doh like it, doh look. Laugh and mek joke offa it if you want, but a fi dem.

Me, I just thank God that some of them shape right.