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Thursday, July 19, 2007


So I finally went to the theater, to watch transformers the movie. As usual I don't go to watch a well anticipated movie in the first weeks of the movie's release, since I can't deal with the crowds and the sold out movies. So I opted to wait a little. I have to admit the movie was good, I enjoyed every moment of it, from the start to the finish. Transformers had a nice combination of comedy, romance and action which all mellowed in together to make a nice movie.

I was certainly not going to make this movie a 27" viewing, not just because of the hype about the movie or the attractive trailers, but because Transformers was my favorite childhood cartoon. I used to play transformers when I was little with my friends, and of course we all used to argue about who would be Optimus Prime. I even had a transformer toy that I played with until it disintegrated.

Although, I was hoping for a little more in the fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron, I still wasn't disappointed in the movie at all. They actually did the movie justice, else they would have to answer to me! Overall, Transformers was a great movie, and I am not the only one who shares that sentiment as this was the first movie I have ever watched at a theater that received an applause. I will give Transformers a Stunner's Rating of 4 out of 5. If you haven't watched it as yet, go see it, you won't be wasting your money.

Well I have nothing much more exciting planned for the weekend, as I, unfortunately, I will be working all weekend. So your duty is to have enough fun for me too. Enjoy your weekend! In the mean time here are some more pictures of my vacation.

11 commented:

sweet movie, i watched it last week.

again with the great pictures, that squirrel looks edible!

hmmmm I liked it to but yuh know wha, It was still a propaganda movie.

Why the hell did the black robot start brake dancing. Nigga Robots do that to on their planet?

And "No sacrafice No victory" was some direct reference to the war in Iraq?

hhmmm I still liked it despite these irritations and I was really glad about the comedic elements and the fact they did not make the female love interest a dumb bitch!

Yeah Man the movie of the hizzle... hear that die hard iv is worth the viewing to,

@ GG wow!! you're deep didn't notice all that... guess i was too busy enjoying... my bad.

wow 4 out of 5
I will try to make some time this weekend.

movie sounds good.. I think I'm going to watch it tonight :D

Yeah the movie certainly is Jamaipanese! Glad you like the pics, but I doubt I would want to eat a squirrel, lol!

LOL! Godders Girl I was wondering "what the hell" when that robot started to breakdance! Hmmm, Iinteresting deep thoughts, but like Bobby, I wasn't looking that deep at all!

Yeah Bobby, I heard Die hard is good too.

GC and Adrian, you can it is a cool movie.

I can hardly remember the story line for transformers although I remember the names. Will check it out cos I've heard other peeps raving

I nearly saw it. My nephews went with another uncle and they took MBJr. I was going to travel with, but unfortunately the young gentleman (the uncle) had his woman with him so there was no space in the car for me. Then when I returned to Cayman, it was no longer showing. I hope its just as good on DVD, 'cause it looks like thats where I will have to take it een. :(

I missed Live Free or Die Hard as well and I heard it rocked too :( :(

transformers is lovely movie....i forget myself while watching movie...nice pictures..thanks for sharing

I LOVED Transformers! My only disappointment was their not including the Transformers theme song in the movie "...more than meets the eye...robots in disguise." Lawd, when Artimus first spoke, I got CHILLS! Lawd, the man voice was sexy. Almost like James Earl Jones...puuurrrrr...