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Thursday, August 16, 2007

War Path!!!

I was going to give you a review of the Borne Ultimatum, but I think I have more pressing issues to deal with! You must be wondering what I'm taking about. But if you take a look at the picture below then you will know what I'm taking about.

The first real hurricane threat of the season is a reality and is quickly approaching. Hurricane Dean is is projected to be on a direct path to Jamaica. Although the eye is actually projected to pass just south of Jamaica, it's too close for comfort! It seems this weekend is going to be a rough one! Lightning, thunder, torrential rain and the dreaded gale force hurricane winds. The kind of winds that make trees bend and bow before it. Wind that mercilessly toss roofs, violently hurl objects wildly as it howls a deafening ominous cry. But the rain cannot go without mention, rain that pours and pours without end, swells gullies and valleys, devour the plains with no remorse, sweeping away houses, cars and valuables.

However that is still a few days away and thing might change by then. However the small islands of the Eastern Caribbean do not have that luxury, as Hurricane Dean is right at their doorsteps! Although Dean is still a Category 1 hurricane, it can still do much damage. All we can do is keep them in our prayers and hope the ride out the storm OK. I hope it does not strengthen at all, as this would mean disaster for those islands and Jamaica. And Jamaica with it's every slipping dollar and declining economy definitely can't handle a hurricane right now, much more a stronger one.

So brace yourself and stay tuned to Stunner's Affliction, Caribbean Hurricane Central. OK, the Hurricane Central thing did just sound cool, so I had to say it! But I will be providing updates as the hurricane crosses the Caribbean. Batten up, stock up and be safe!

11 commented:

Stay safe, Stunner, Stay safe.

One Love,

Batten down and stay dry

My yute, it looking sorta like Ivan, so me ah get bummy already.

Well, I wonder if we'll be as lucky with this one as we were with Ivan. I hope the other Caribbean nations are spared Dean's wrath.

Bourne would have been nicer to hear about :-) seriously though, it is not looking good

I was going to say it but Abeni beat me. Batten down--why did you batten up?
Stay safe and dry. Hope you have your supplies ready already.

We got de yardies in our prayers..
stay safe.

Bourne Ultimatium...great movie...

Dean has eclipsed beenie and the parties..... oh boy up to when this comment is being done he is at Cat.4 travelling at 19 miles/hr with winds at 134 miles/hr ago ruff bad ....ooohhh boy

Let the battening down begin!

Boy, the storm nuh look pretty atall, but hang in there my fellow Jamaicans we'll pull through no matter WHAT