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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elections Jamaican Style!

Elections, Jamaican style is certainly here. No one can mistake this season, there isn't even any way one can try to ignore or deny it. The campaign ads have infiltrated every programme on the local TV stations and radio stations. It seems that campaign ads are the main programming and are only punctuated by a small piece of regular shows. I must admit that I find some of the ads quiet amusing, but that has now faded and have been replaced by annoyance. They are just too many ads now and too frequently! I recall driving in my card and a string of campaign ads started, so craving for some music I decided to change the station only to be slapped in the face with another string of campaign ads! I can't wait to see the end of election.

The disruptive and annoying motorcades is another piece of the Jamaican election campaigning period. An endless line of dangerously overloaded vehicles with widows blocked by protruding bodies adorned in party colours. Campaign songs ring out of speakers as the compete with the pro-party shouts of the supporters. But this is not all, the drivers of these vehicle seem to have their own interpretation of the the road rules as they have no regard for other road users, traffic signs or even stoplights. My advice to anyone is to avoid these motorcades at all costs, as having even a fender bender with one of these vehicles could end up your last. The danger is not limited to the innocent users of the road, who are going by their daily business, but also to these idiot who feel they must hang half of their bodies through the windows of these vehicles. A few weeks ago, one supporter who got killed when his head got entangled with some bamboo stalks. but this has not stopped them from protruding their bodies from the fast moving and reckless driven vehicles of the motorcades.

But the ads and motorcades are only the milder sides of elections, Jamaican style. There is a much darker, sinister side of elections. The wave of political violence that sweeps across the country like a terrible tsunami, claiming lives and leaving a trail of tears and blood. Since the announcement of the date for general elections and its subsequent postponement due to hurricane Dean political violence has certainly made itself obvious. Since then over ten lives have been claimed allegedly by the hands of political violence. And, at the rate at which these murders have been occurring, it seems as if there will definitely be more bloodshed in the few days leading to election, on election day and after the announcement of the winning party. This senseless violence always seem to be a part of Jamaican election season and it seems it will never be separated. The politicians condemn it, yet they seem to do very little to bring it to an end, but then again when the endless supply of tax payers money is at stake, it about winning at all cost.

I was hoping I wouldn't be in Jamaica for elections, I wanted to be somewhere else, but unfortunately I am stuck here. My day off is on election day and it certainly will be a day off, as I will not be leaving my house, not even opening the door to let in fresh air. I think I will watch the events unfold on my TV and hope that the violence and foolishness will die down after election day. I know some of you will be voting, or may be at work on election day, so try to be careful and stay safe whatever you do. In the meantime you can vote here on the Stunner's Election Poll below.

Stunner's Election Poll
Who do you think will win the 2007 Jamaica General Elactions?

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Don't give a shit!

9 commented:

its all hype. nothing really matters anymore. stay safe until it done, vote for all of us stunner!

I marked my dot..... Ths unfortunate and necessary evil takes its pound of flesh whether want want to give it or not..... i say just thank god they don't call them every two years ...although on one hand that would be nice notice how much road in the kgn metro area got fixed.

You know what makes me angry, Stunner? It's the politicians...the very same politicians who ask people to vote for them, who want to convince people that they can run the country...they're the ones who encourage the foolish, reckless behaviour of campaigners and motorcades.

Why can't they change their election style? Why can't they all get together and decide, this is not mature, let's try a different way?

It can be done. I know, I know, nobody believes me, but we actually did it once, last year, here. Maybe that should go down in history...heaven knows what they'll do the next time.

I know the drama that can occur with election campaign ads. One even more Obnoxious than the first and so they go till the day of elections.
I would use my day to rest and relax as well.
BTW!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I confess, I don't blog as often as I used to.

The repetitious campaign ads get on my nerves too. I can't wait for Nov. to get here. So much dirty politics.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments. Come again anytime.

I know what you mean about the adverts.
I find myself humming over and over again, "Me and mi neighbour, voting for labour...full speed ahead Portia, full speed ahead...change is coming baby, the change is coming now...I come in father send me!"

aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! I can't wait for the ridiculousness to end.

I hope you will at least leave you house and go vote then go back home and lock up.

How you mean yuh doh vote? Shame on you.Seriously, I only voted once and really can't say that I will be doing it again

I can just see Stunner sitting indoors camped out with a machete across his lap glued to the tv screen.

What are the ads advertising anyway?

I voted the JLP would win, and they won! What's my prize? Still, aside from the violence, it's pretty entertaining. JLP had better ads though.