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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Does It Matter?

I was on my way to Ochie last week and was driving through Fern Gully when I saw the carvings on the road side. You know those cravings, yeah those big hood carvings. So I decided to take a photo and to get a little creative with it. It seems there is a fascination with overly large male reproductive organs, especially here in the western hemisphere. I know the ladies must be tired oh hearing this question, but I have never asked it on my blog and I want to hear what the Caribbean women say.So ladies does the size of the plank matter? Have a great weekend everyone.

19 commented:

I don't think that carving is for sale.
Also, I am not answering that question.

LOL, I often laugh when I pass thru fern gully as well....on the matter of size the saying goes that size doesnt matter but it is how you use it....but
(The teeny tiny ones dont cut it)

but how yuh wanna get in mi persona buzinezz so fuh..yuh rude yes??? :-))

Watch this Stunner.. I love when these questions are posed to the honeys.

I read an article recently that said that women like it wider than longer.

Middle ground..def not the oversized thing in that carving but nutten you need a microscope for either

I guess I always thought that women didn't care about size -- big or small -- as long as you kept it away from them.

LOL @ Brotha Buck!

I can't answer your question, Mr. Stunner, but an equally interesting couple of questions for the men would be, "Does the size of a woman's breasts matter?", and also, "Does the size of a woman's vagina matter?".

If you want me to, I could venture to answer those. :)

The Bloggers block is behind me, at least for today, anyway, and I think you might enjoy Doctor D's present, given in today's post.


size matteers in many ways. sometimes in a negative and positive way.. I'm not gonna try to toot my horn or destroy my car so i'm leaving my self out of this for examples but I've asked the question before and girls have said. well if its too big i dont want anything to do with it. Idont want anything poking out my womb..

then i've heard if there's too much girth (thickness) then i have a problem because its gonna feel like its tearing me open

Then i've heard i hate large ones in any way lenth or girth average is the best.

I'm sure its all down to preference with these women..

all depends on where you looking the girl her background n wah she find as the optimal tool lol.

Of course it matters!

I like kami's answer about the microscope!

Look like the woman going to get bruk up with the machine!

Yard women know they love the size, cause they want to run to their friends and talk bout how their man hefty!

- Lazy Jamaica

LOL!!! Check out Taylor's detailed synopsis. He has done some thorough research on this matter. Tee heee....

Does size matter...hmmmm....yes it does. Women do not want a hysterectomy, nor do we want to be tickled.

Be that as it may, skill counts for everything ; )

he look like he ready to tip over

Wow! Funny Stuff...

Don't mind me. I'm just catching up.

oh yes...size matters...but size alone cant do the job...yes there is such a thing as too small, yes there is such a thing as too big...that monstrosity in ur pic is by my standards- waaaay too big

I have heard, only heard, that women care more about how you handle the tool rather than the size of it, but too small is just too small.
MB is right, "does the size of the vagina or breasts matter?" Personal preference, but of course they do!

Just discovered your blog...thought I would offer an answer....there is something stimulating about a big dick, you always want to try,at least, to conquer it, but I think usually women like a good 8 inches...2 inches gives you enough pain with your pleasure.

9 INCHES - Oh Shit, pain!!
7 INCHES - Oh, I'm in heaven
Need i say no more