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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to the Gym

I had plan to drop a post yesterday evening and run through my blog roll, but that just did not happen. Why you ask? Well after feeling very discontent with my physical features and feeling extremely lousy and lazy most of the time I thought to myself that it was time to change from my wayward path and return to the gym. So yesterday evening even after washing a tonne load of clothes and cleaning my entire apartment I dragged my tired lazy ass to the gym.

I know the first day of going back to the gym is hard, but I didn't expect that it would be such a steep hill! So first thing is first, I have to get the muscles warm in an attempt to prevent any injuries. So it was on the treadmill to do a little 15 minutes warming up, but let me tell you I could barely run for three minutes! Within one minute of running I was blowing like a steam train, my heart was racing like a 100 horse power engine and I was struggling to keep myself from falling on my face. Damn I am so unfit! So after that awful experience, I pulled myself up to the weights room. That was no better at all, I was struggling to bench press my warm up weights and was at the point of collapse at the end of the sets.

So today I braved the odds and headed back to the gym once again. Fortunately, even though today was rough as hell, it wasn't not as bad as the first day back. I actually did 5 minutes of running, 2 more minutes more than the previous day! So I am slowly getting back into the groove. Hopefully this time I will be able to keep it going and see some good results. I'll keep you posted on my progress as the weeks go by.

Apart from that, there is nothing all that exciting going on. Just another long weekend at work. Well at least I mustered up the strength to drop a post, but I'll have to visit your blogs tomorrow. I have still been busy with my camera, so you can check out my photos at my photoblog My World My Lens. Enjoy your weekend!

11 commented:

chop chop on that six pack. I gave up on gym walking is it for me now. All the best and yes pics of before and after would be interesting you know.

Thats why i stay away from the gym!!

oh Stunner, you almost inspire me

yeah starting back can be hard.. but only 3 minutes of running? how long have you been away from jane?

Well, at least yu betta dan me. All now, mi nuh go pon mi rebounder, lol. But, at least, I've been doing quite a bit of walking, so mi nuh feel too bad. Good for you, though. Stick with it.

I've always wanted to go to the gym, because I'm quite scrawny. But I could never summon the discipline to go. Reading your post makes me wonder how fit I am.

I don't have the discipline to go to a gym and I am not fit enough... I would probably die there!

I believe I can be fit, but then I believe I can fly. No, seriously ... I can try -- U B the inspiration.

@Gish: I don't think I'll ever have a six pack but at least a flat stomach will be good enough! B4 and after pics, I actually have that in mind!

@marangand: that's no reason to stay away, you will improve as time goes by.

@Adrian: Well I actually spend 15mins on the treadmill, but could only run continuously for 3 minutes twice during the 15 mins.

@Jamaican Dawta: I hope I will stick with it, that's the key. Keep your walking up and spend even 5 mins on your rebounder 3 times a week and you'll see and feel the results.

@Leon: You should try it, a few pounds of muscles make a huge difference. Do they still have that "gym" at Utech?

@Sidney: That's the reason why I go, to get fit. You should try it, you may like it.

@Melody: You can be, you just need to start and stick with it. I'll try to be the inspiration and keep you all posted.

well...2moro is the day i attempt to go thru the same feat of returning...i shud do better than you tho :P *crosses fingers behind back*

Idren Stunner,

Thanks for stopping by to visit at Voice From Jamaica. I give thanks daily for my husband who is the one who is disciplined to regular exercise.

He wakes me at 4:45am so we can be downstairs in the gym by 5:30am 3-4 days per week. We do 30-45 minutes of cardio, then at least 20 minutes of resistance training. None of our children or grandchildren are willing or able to do that.

When I exercise, I have more energy and mental clarity.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots