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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Course Changed!

The preliminary results are in and from all indications Bruce Golding and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has squeezed power from the hands of the People National Party (PNP) after some eighteen years of being in power. It seems a certain pastor and self proclaimed prophet will have to think seriously about a career change! I use the word squeeze intentionally as this was indeed a closely contested election. The preliminary results last night announce by the director of elections was a 31-29 match up in the favour of the JLP. Also the margin between some seats were extremely close, withe even once seat being termed by the returning officer of the cluster saying it was too close for him to call.

Sista P, was not in any mood to concede a JLP victory last night due to the close tally and the citizenship issue surrounding one of the JLP's victorious candidate. And has indicated that she and her party will be seeking legal action as well as a magisterial recount. However, I just read on The Gleaner's website, that yesterday evening the PNP and its leader has conceded victory to the JLP. They will still however continue with legal action and a recount but it seems from all indications that the JLP has won the election, however narrow the margin is as The Gleaner indicated a 32-28 victory for the JLP this evening.

Eighteen years has been a long time, and although the PNP has done a lot for the country over their tenure ship, they have also done a whole lot of crap and have wasted a lot of my money...I mean tax payer's money. I guess the majority of the voting Jamaican population thinks it is time for a change and have indicated that from their votes. The JLP has made a lot of promises, and they have a tough job ahead of them to rescue this ailing country. Will they make a difference? Will jamaica be better off under the governance of the JLP? Or will things only get worse? It this the winds of change that Jamaica needs? Only time will tell, only time will tell.

9 commented:

whew it sure was close

lets see what they will bring

how was your Election party? Any strangers came knocking?

She finally conceded huh? Took her long enough.

Stunner can you imagine Brucie falling flat on his face, he would have condemned JLP to opposition for a long long long time to come.

Sista P we hardly knew thee.

All my sycamore trees.

Now for the business of governance. Hopefully, all the wrangling will cease

It is now at 33-27 with a possible 34-26 to be decided by tomorrow …and the phinnish results continues

LOL @ Bobby! They say Dr. Phinn is phinn-ished!!

@Jamaipanese: It sure was close.

@GC: lol, no election party, I'm not partying at all. I believe politicians are all thieves.

@Leon: I thought she was going to hold out till the end of the recount.

@Bobby: True dat! I was talking to a friend, and said if JLP didn't win dem would neva win an election forever.

@Justacoolcat: She should have called the election when she was popular.

@Kami: I hope so, and I hope things get better.

@Dutch Pot: lol! He certainly is!