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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gaucho's Rocks

Gaucho's Kingston Jamaica 2007
(Update: 20A South Avenue Kingston 10-As requested by Bobby)

So I finally decided to go check out what Gaucho's had to offer to the pallets, and I was certainly not disappointed at all. The atmosphere was wonderful and relaxed, with several tables arranged around a nicely lit swimming pool that occupied the centre of the dining area. There were strategically placed torches which complemented the warm yellow glow of the candle lit tables as they both made shadows sway to the voices of friendly chatter that filled the atmosphere. There were tables for two, for four and even for large groups. I was impressed thus for, but you know pretty looks alone nuh cut it, the proof of the pudding is in the taste!

The menu boasted a wide array of seemingly sumptuous dining items covering the three main courses, appetizers, entrees and desserts. For, a moment I was totally confused, I had no idea what to choose, but I finally decided on what to eat. I will have to admit, there food is quite decent, I was not disappointed with the taste and the presentation.The price wasn't too bad, it's not somewhere I will afford to go eat every weekend much more every day of the week! But the price is manageable for a treat. A dinner for two will on average cost you in the J$1800 depending on what you order (Appetizers and dessert not included... yuh know Stunner have to watch the belly!). I actually wet to Gaucho,s twice, the first time I went I had the BBQ spare ribs which was not too bad. However, on the second time I tried the Coconut Curried Chicken, and that was great! I would have certainly devoured some more of that meal if they gave me another serving that night!

Overall Gaucho's is a cool place to go on a date or to just have dinner with your friends. The ambiance is lovely, the food is good and it's not too pricey.

18 commented:

So bossy, no address what kinda journalist yuh be ... a mean, you tease my palate and then choose not point us in the direction. I would love to eat at Gauchos too ... phsssbt!!!!

LOL, sorry Bobby, let me post it!

20A South Avenue Kingston 10. It's near to the intersection with Waterloo Road.

Bwoy ... this mek me feel well hungry right now.

Email a plate when you get a chance.

Thanks in Advance,


I read the post, and was jus' goin' got ask for the address, and saw that Booby beat me to it. Wil check out the next time that I am in Jam...

man shall not live by ambiance alone. Stunner what did you actually eat?!

I would go somewhere just for the ambiance. I remember bullseye on Knutsford Blvd had the coziest table tucked away in a corner overlooking the hip strip which they dubbed the cave.

Its a shame they closed, I have yet to find anywhere as rosemantic as there.

nice.. I gota project going that need stuff likee these :).. if you wanna you can add your review with a link back of sorts to

@lazyjamaica i been visiting your site. i noticed a few things like the images your using and watermarking with your logo aren't really yours. I suggest you stop.. You'll be hearing from lawyers soon. Trust me on that kid.

@ Lazyjamaican: LOL! Only if that could be done, I wouldn't have to go anywhere for food and delivery would be quick!

@Mighty Afroditee: Yep you definitely should check it out.

@GC: the first time I had BBQ spare ribs with baked potato and sour cream. The second time I had Coconut Curried chicken with rice and peas and steamed veggies.

@Adrian: It is a shame man, I heard about it but never got the chance to try it out.

@taylor2nd: Cool, I think I could do that!

Yow now I'm hungry. It's lunch time.

not just any date, more like a 10th or 12th date. lol

hey stu found it now all i need is some money and a date and i am good to go

Gaucho's paying you for doing this kinda advertising? They really should. I may check it out sometime.

Gauchos maybe soon LOL ok if ever in Jamaica will check it out hope they wont have closed by then. Sounds great.

I totally rely on the blog world to keep me up do date on the social scene. Thanks Stunner. CD is always looking out for good places to eat.

Hey stu did Gaucho even tried the coconut curry chicken .... the Ambience in the nite was the bomb the food ... lets just say i have had better. But love the ambience ... oohh and my date she was the bomb actually noticed her lips ...could have nibbled on those ...really nice.

So Bobby, i hope that was ur wife!!!! :-) Anyway another nice place to eat is Cabanaz (or is it with a K) nice too...Gaunchos is cool too, been there a couple times

I have to agree that the ambience is really nice. The food on the other hand - don't get your hopes up. I had the brown stew fish. It was edible, but not great. My friend had a burger which was not so good either. Maybe the coconut curry chicken is the way to go.