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Sunday, September 16, 2007

2008 Accord Is Here!

2008 Accord Coupe

2008 Accord Sedan

Yes the 2008 Honda Accord has been launched, a whole new look and whole new attitude! It has a mean look and has more bulky build than the previous shape and really looks like it can take on the road. The new innovative and alluring styling is not the only thing different about the new Accord, but for those who think size matters, it is the largest Accord that Honda has ever manufactured. Which mean a whole lot more room inside it's plush luxury interior for one to feel like a king on the road. But size and style doesn't matter if the is nothing under the hood! The Accord has an optional 268-hp V6 engine, to push all the large styled luxury on the open road.

The new Accord Boasts:
Commanding full-size sedan presence
Performance-inspired lines and details
Rich new color choices
Wide-opening doors for ease of entry and exit

Completely redesigned with an aggressive, sportier stance
Available 18-inch alloy wheels (V-6)

Available 268-hp engine (V-6)
Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®)offers both brisk acceleration and fuel efficiency (V-6)
Choice of 5-Speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission

Supple leather-trim (EX-L) and ample passenger space
Available navigation system and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® capability
Dual-zone automatic climate control (EX-L)

I went through the gallery pictures and it has me dreaming of how good it would feel to be driving one of these. I even went as far as configuring my Accord, adding all the spoilers and fan dangles! Sigh... Even though I crave one of these cars with my every being, it's another one of my fantasies. I won't be able to afford such comfort, style and power... not on this salary at least. But a man can dream can't I?

13 commented:

dream on brother we are all free to do that.

Yuh hurt up mi head with this post though, lawd...yuh si the interior!!!!

*blonde moment here* ;)

i love the coupe. nice lines.

Wow. Pretty good pics. Sometimes I forget what good cars Honda is capable of making.

Its nice, but the Japanese version (What they call the TSX in the U.S.) will prolly look WAY sexier!)

yup this styling is gonna put them back on the map .. but has MB said the european version is the bomb.

The camary is also awesome oooh ooh ... check out the mazda 6 and the subaru legacy. Why yuh start me up sah... cho mi gone

this is why I don't dream :(

I'm not so impressed
Let's talk about a jaguar

Not much of a car person, but I do like the Blue Sudan!

Hmmm, once I get my driver's license who knows!!! :)

dream on..just dont mek it turn nightare and yuh wake up screaming accord accord:)

I hear my hubby talking about the 2008 accord too.....hey guys as long as it gets me there in one piece in some comfort...then i am good to go......