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Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Post I Can't Believe I Ate That?

For some strange reason I had something to post today and I just can't get it together. Maybe it will come to me tomorrow or over the weekend. My sinus is giving me hell, draining in the back of my throat. Maybe it's causing a brain drain too, cause I just nuh know what I was going to post. Or maybe it's old age catching up with me!

It's another weekend, and I actually have one day off this weekend! Yeeaahhhh! Yes I know I sound a bit over excited for just one day, but when you work a shift job and you hardly get a weekend off, getting even one day is cause for a celebration! So you can just imagine how I behave when I actually get the entire weekend off! Head nuh good! I would probably end up at Ward 21 if I get an entire holiday weekend off! So what do I have planned for this special day? Well nothing much. I need to get the phone line extended to the other corner of my tiny living room so I can do a little redecoration. So I'm having it done tomorrow and commence the redecoration as soon as it is done. Then it will be off to the barber to cut off my locks and look decent...well it's mainly to hide these damn premature gray hairs in my head! Damn them! Arrggh!

Well, they say you must try something new, explore what life has to offer. So Stunner decided to do exactly that. No I didn't drive a formula four racing car nor jump off the cliff at Rick's Cafe. I ate something I never ate before or thought I would never have the guts to eat.... No nuh dat, unnuh mind too dyam corrupt! Anyway as I was saying, before I was rudely...and I stress rudely...interrupted, I has Octopus! Yes, I actually ate one of the little baby sized ones. I was at a buffet and they had what seemed to be some fried ones, so being the adventurous little Stunner that I am I threw one in my plate. I must admit it didn't look all that gross as I thought it would be, so I tried it. So I sat down at the table looked at it, said a little prayer, breathed deeply and sunk in my fork. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and in it went! How can I describe it? I'll say it's like nothing I have ever had, somewhat rubbery in texture, but soft enough to chew and I honestly don't know how to describe the taste, but it was seafood. I figure the sauce and seasoning masked the true taste, although I could taste a unique taste of the octopus meat. At one point I almost decided to spit it out when I remembered what I was eating. Hmmm, maybe I'm now ready for Survivor or fear Factor! What do you think? Hey question for you all... What is the weirdest thing you have even eaten?

Oh my, I didn't do too bad for someone who forgot what to post....or maybe that octopus thing was what I had intended to post...hmmmm. Anyway, it's another weekend so enjoy yourselves. Here is a little something to start your weekend off on a good note! Click on this link and wait for it to load:

18 commented:

You had octopus huh? Interesting. Think you have the guts to try cockroach? Liked the Fight for Kisses ad.

lol.. its not that bad. about a week or so ago a group oof users from one of my sites (animesynergy) all had a dinner at east japanese restaurant. a few people had doctopus.. so nothing strange there to me.

i have had octopus before too and yeah i though rubbery.....not one of my favorite so wont go out of my way to have it again....
and Stunner, exactly whats wrong with uhm eating that other thing there?????? You men!!!!! if 95% of the men arent doing it but 98% of the women are getting it then i guess the 5% of the men are very very busy! but i guess that is a whole other post!

I think I did octopus before.. or maybe it was squid.. it's not that bad as people make it out to seem

dwl marangand.. where are you getting your stats from?

Prolly mountain it's not a frog:)

If I may ask, what is the real reason for cutting off your locks? Is it really just "to look decent"? Just curious, 'cause I wear locks too, not the traditional ones, though.

Sorry I don't have anything to report on weird food eaten, but I was never adventurous as a meat eater. As a vegetarian-almost-vegan, I'm even more conservative now. Plus, there's nothing really weird foodwise for vegetarians/vegans.

There's some kinda tea that helps to ease de sinus problem -- can't rememba if it's ginger, but suppem like dat. Herbalists would know -- if any in blogworld:)

Had octopus ...uuggh do i need to say anything more.

Now why you beating up on the other pus... eh em meat.

@ mar: And where you get your stats from, really .. where, is it from the girlie council, when you guys sharing note ... eh eh heh
well if those stats are true i'm in the 5% and i not very busy at all know nothing about that 98% ....cho

@Leon: Ok maybe not Fear Factor then, cause mi definitely not eating nuh roach!

@Taylor2nd: Well I guess it's not bad, I guess it's just because as a Jamaican we are not accustomed to eating certain things.

@marangand: I might try the Octupus again.... maybe.As Adrian seh, weh yuh get dem stats, from? I am not hitting out against it at all, that's a personal intimate choice, but that is definately a good idea for another post!

@Abeni: What is Prolly mountain chicken?!

@Jamaican Dawta: I don't really have actual locks. I just reffer to the hair on my head as lock after it reaches a certain height! My hair counld neve lock, not even plat. It's just too fine.

@Melody: Hmm, I have no idea what tea that is. I think ginger tea is goo for upset stomach.

@Bobby: Well yes I am "beating" up on the other meat, hehehe! But I'm not licking (hehehe) out against the other "pus" at all! As I responded to marangand, that's a matter of personal choice and I have no problem with anyone who wants to do it.

Octopus is quite familiar food for me.
I guess a boiled cow head was the most exciting meal I ever had so far!

indian people eat nasty things, like spare parts.

my fav thing to eat, that most people find strange is that I love eating tongue.

lady putz a lady after my own heart .... by the way is the cook ones you talking

I am looking forward to that post Stunner

And Octopus? Hmmm...None for me thanks.

Nothing weird to tell about...

That pic of the Octopus looks really weird!

People always say that everything taste like chicken!!

octopus is a old time ting fa me. grew up eating them tings, real chewy!

if you think its weird eating it, you should try preparing it. its pretty gross

Mountain chicken..prolly=probably.It's a tree frog found in Dominica

Mr. Stunner, you shock me! You never hear Sparrow say salt fish sweet! My yute, you a miss out. Take my word for it. No! Try it and see. If you can push octopus in you mouth but not that, well... (* shakes head *)

Dem call me Mad, but Stunner CRAZY!!!