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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wish I was...

The Beach at the Riu Resort Ocho Rios

I have been stuck once again working an entire weekend. I have been working since Thursday and I all I can think, is that I wish I was not here, but somewhere else like the picture above! Why can't I be rich? Sometimes it just seem pointless to work when you are not getting payed as you should, being underpaid sucks! But one has to pay the bills, so until I can afford to chill on the beach and gaze at the endless horizon, I'll be here staring at the computer screen on a weekend to pay the bills. How has your weekend been going?

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17 commented:

my weekend been uneventful

I must be getting old or something

Not much going on, quiet is always nice. Aw, Stunner, wealth is freedom. Ah guess de aim is to pedal, pedal, pedal now, so that later U can cruise, cruise, cruise. If U were cruisin' now, that'd prob'ly mean it's all downhill -- and no, we can't have that.

weekend was uneventful as well. but the week was. being on tv and all. the prime of my weekend was this morning when i woke up and so the photos that i took for a gleaner advertisment in the paper... YAYYYYYY FOR ME. other than that. it was a slow weekend.

this weekend was horrible and it dont look like it gettn any better anytime soon :(

Its been a work weekend for me too, though thats not usual for me.

@Jampanese: Well I guesss it's weekend like these that make us appreciate the fun ones.

@Melody: I wish I good get some speed from my pedaling! It seems it's time to find a higher paaying job so I can start cruising before 60! lol!

@Taylor: Yes my mistake, though you had chickened out. So I can now call you Jamaica's Authority on Blogging. I need to browse through the Gleaner to see if I can guess that pic.

@Ire Diva: Hope what's left of the weekend gets better or at least next weekend will be fun.

@Mad Bull: WWorking weekend is the usual for me too, but sometimes one just gets tired of the no social life.

“I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”
-Jerome K Jerome-


Chris Rock says (and maybe he's quoting someone else) that behind every great fortune there is a great crime. Think about it.

@Sidney: LOL! I don't mind the work, as long as I'm enjoying it and I'm getting well paid!

@GC: Thanks, I;m glad you like it. Hmm, thinking about what you said...a like in crime might just be prosperous. Hehehe.

Quit griping. Many people would like to have a nice cushy job like yours. Still, everyone likes a vacation.

MY weekend was just shitty... make yours look like a vaction... damn

Caught up with some things man because I'd been busy the past few weekends WORKING! It must be going around. I guess I'll just have to find a way to limit my time to work during work hours and do my art thing and everything else I love to do during MY time. How that be? Hope you're doing well man!

I long for a w/e when i have NOTHING to do...just relax no hubby... no nobody...
Now Stunner, why u had to go put hat pic i am wishing that i was at the beach side at Rui...

Hush yah. Maybe this coming weekend will be better. Plus, Heroes' weekend is coming up, so hopefully, you can make the best of that one too.


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Oh man; that pic is torture!

@Leon: I with my job was a "nice cushy job".

@Bobby: Welcome to the Bad Weekend Club.

@Luke Cage: Ma work just seems to be taking over our lives. You're right man we all need to take some time to do what we want!

@Marangand: You really want a serious break! I was hoping you could relax and picture yourself on the beach :)

@Jamaican Dawta: With my luck I may just be working Hero's Weekend :(

@Justacoolcat: Just an invitation to revisit Jamaica lol.