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Monday, October 01, 2007

So Busy...These Days

No not me, I'm not busy at all right now, just relaxing on the first of my two consecutive days off! After working such a long weekend, I do need to take a break and relax. But I ended up on the road the entire day, helping out my friend who got her vehicle towed away by the dreaded harbour shark traffic cops. Yeah, they are out on he roads on the first of every month like hungry vultures to snatch up anyone with expired motor vehicle registrations, even if you are on your way to do it.

Anyway that's not the reason for this post, as the title said, "Busy", and that's who I'm talking about, the new artiste on the block, busy Signal. Well he is not so new, but he is new compared to the well known Dancehall artistes. But he has quiet a few hot songs on the market and has shown himself to be a very promising Dancehall artiste. Hopefully he keep it up and makes it on the international scene. I recall MB making mention, in one of his posts, of one of his latest song that is certainly rocking the airwaves here in Jamaica, so I decided to give you a look and listen to the song. I too like it (the radio version), even though the unedited version has more than it's fair share of the 'F' word. But it does pack a powerful message and comments on the very tragic state of our society here in Jamaica and also to a larger extent the world. The title of the song is "These Days". Listen carefully and tell me what you think of it.

Warning: The song contains offensive language (I couldn't find a clean version).

12 commented:

That song is a sledge-hammer, isn't it -- an' de video: not made 2 B ignored either.

Wow, powerful words and message!

hmm.. I didn't realize it was so durrty lol all I've heard was the radio version before.

anyways I've already made my comments on busy and his woman beating ways here but he does have some good lyrics.

nice song.....enjoy you days off

Enjoy your time off. Not much of a music fan, but the song's ok.

Didn't listen..Youtube irritates me ..too long to download..

Days off are always great

I have a day off on Friday, actually. Wonder what I'll do with it? Sleep for sure. Beach, probably... pool, that'd be nice... Work on a bredrin's webpages... Ok, I guess thats what I'll do. Dammit!

I can't wait to get home and give it a listen.

Very nice beat. I liked it. Didn't think I would.

I'm glad you couldn't find the clean version. They put the graphic language in for a reason. I say, if it ain't offensive than what's the f'ing point. Nice song. Thanks for sharing.

will have to check the song later