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Friday, October 12, 2007

Why I Was Fired!

For the Annual Company Picnic, management had decided that because of liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per person...

I was fired for ordering the cups!!!

I won't say much today, I have a lot of catching up to do on your blogs. Enjoy the weekend and for all my non-weekend working Jamaican bloggers, enjoy the holiday weekend... that is if the rain ever stops falling!

17 commented:

lol :) Enjoy the weekend Stunner!

Have a good weekend Stunner. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get home last night, and no I don't live in Mo-bay and work in Kingston.

five full working days of rain -_-

have a good weekend iyah


Have a catawampas weekend, Stunner. I was supposed to have that, but with this rain, it doesn't look possible. So I'm wishing fun and relaxation for you.

that company picnic has my name all over it :D

lol scratchie I saw the rain yesterday and knew the foolishness that would happen on the road later so I left work at 3:30 and it only took me 30 mins to reach home. If I left at 5 I probably wouldnt have reached home till close to 7

LOL! Have a great weekend babe!

Good thinking say it deserved a promotion for clearly being able to think..

hahahaha, next time make them bring their own cups

the has stopped!

LMAO! That kinda initiative deserves a promotion. Enjoy your weekend!

no drought for you I guess.
Stay dry if you can.
Very nice pic. Thanks.

That'd be about the right sized cup of wine, thanks.

Yuh see how Di world unfair star...this could have been the second feeding (watering)of the multitude

Awww man! They always ruin it for everyone. Whattup Stunner?!

I actually googled these cups once and found out that they were on 'sale' for $50 a pop

Thanks for sharing. That amount of alcohol in your system should kill you.

I bet all the employees want you to plan the next picnic!