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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Carnival Road March - Bacchanal Carnival - Part I!!!

So as I said in my last post, Jamaica Carnival road march wasn't much to desire, but Bacchanal Carnival had a lot more excitement and a lot more better looking women. I spend most of the time with the Bacchanal Carnival road march as it is much better judging from my past experience. Anyway, no more chatting, here is the first set of pictures of Bacchanal Carnival.

[Click on the photos to enlarge]

This was the first set of Bacchanal Carnival, hope you enjoyed it. More to come!

11 commented:

nice photos. going to go check the photo blog for the rest

exactly what is that guy on the bottom left doing? Has he got an invisble woman there dancing with?

a lot better than the jamaica carnival for real!

tsk tsk.. *hangs head in shame*

like dogs in heat

Where the hot men you promised?:)

Nice photos, Mr. Stunner. I want to borrow one from you, even.

a bevy of carnival pics. linked


i still don't like these pics stunner -_-

maybe i am just too anti carnival

not bad. I got tired of post processing and gave it a rest. in total i shot 538 images on carnival day. not all usable though.

Chic in secong right hand pic gots some 20 inch thighs man. why them affi behave so bad pon road?

I'm watchign carefully to see if you got any of me - I was one of the girls getting on bad in the fuschia costumes for bacchanal!

Mostly a photo fest, but hey, carnival can't quite be captured in words can it?