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Friday, April 04, 2008

Carnival Road March - Bacchanal Carnival - Part 2!!!

It's another Friday, which means it is another weekend. But this is not just any old Friday, as today I am one year older, another change of the increasing digits that marks the length of time of my existence on on the face of the earth. I have nothing much planned for the day, but I plan to take it easy and relax today. Achieving this milestone in life has mixed feelings as I'm happy to have made to one more year on this planet but it also brings feelings of sadness. yeah, the inevitable fact that I'm getting older and stepping ever closer to old age and sagging, wrinkled skin and gray hairs. But I still have some youth left so I think I should enjoy it and continue to achieve and maintain fit body, so I age gracefully. Anyway, to show your appreciation for Stunner, you can always donate a few of the green back to the Stunner's Appreciation Fund or by me a drink or two!

Today I will continue with set 2 of 3 of the Bacchanal Carnival road march. Don't forget to check My World My Lens for other photos that I haven't posted here. I hope you enjoy it! By the way what are your plans for this weekend? Whatever it it, have fun!

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Enjoy your youth my friend! (Within the limits of the law I hope.) Nice pics.

happy birthday Stunner
you are right to try to enjoy yourself
I say eat some good food
I read this book recently where the main character visited a nursing home--that food is terrible so you should eat all the good food you can while you're young and have a choice.

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Happy Birthday Stunner! Remember that age is but a number. You're as young as you think and feel.