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Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Year, New Age, New Look!

I have finally upgraded my blog to the new Blogger widget version and also changed the template for the blog to a more contemporary look. I hope you all like the new look of Stunner's Afflictions.

I have been toying with the idea of changing the look of the blog for some time now but, just couldn't settle on a template that I like until I found this. It has some faults but I like the look. More and more Wordpress seems more inviting, but to get the flexibility I would have to host it myself. So until I decide, I will keep using Blogger.

Continuing on where I left off last night, before I fell asleep. This new version has a few perks to it:

  • My Photos - which displays photos from my photoblog My World My Lens.
  • Weekly Poll - thought provoking question for you to vote on.
  • Subscribe - Both types of subscription options are now grouped together.
  • Drop Down Archive - The archive is now in the drop down menu format.
  • With the widgets I can update the blog roll and links much quicker.
Browse through and enjoy the new Stunner's Afflictions and let me know what you think!

8 commented:

hahaha did that always say "My amazing adventures"?

the red looking sharpe.

nice. i need to do something about my blog but i may just cut and jump to wordpress at some point i guess. love the drop down menu archive though. wicked star.

Thumbs up on the new look!

meh, i don't fancy it much. It looks too commercial, like u selling stuff with all the ad's. Do you actually get money from them?

Love the new look and the 100% jam.

i dont fancy it much either...feels very worky and not relaxy...the fonts is so small too...i feel like i reading a textbook! :)

@Owen: yeah, one of the reasons I like it. Thanks.

@Jdid:Thanks. Yeah a change is goon now and then.

@Jamaican Dawta: Thank you!

@Leon: Thanks man!

@Tami: Actually this is the same amount of ads that was on the previous version. I wanted to place the ads the same way as on the previous version, but this template wouldn't let me. And yes I have made money from them!

@gishungwa: Thanks!

@Irie Diva: The font size is one of the problems I have with it too. I have increase the font size, but I can only make it a little larger without running into problems.