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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's one of the several charges slapped on Kern Spencer, a.k.a Crying Spencer, a.k.a Bulbie! I was on my way home in traffic when it came across on the radio. Kern Spencer was arrested today and charged with with seven offences, which according to the police, included several counts of Conspiracy to Defraud, Corruption and Money Laundering! I guess Kern had a very good idea of the trouble he was in when he never held back the floodgates in Parliament and cried his heart out. As we all sleep in our beds tonight, Bulbie will be sleeping "on the cold concrete" behind bars singing, or should I say crying:

"Behind these prison walls Doing my paces Doing my time I am, Spending my restless nights Visioning faces Oh they all crying Cryyyyyyyyyying "

But at least Kern will have company as several of his accomplices were also arrested and charged for similar offenses.

It is interesting to note the stance of the then ruling party versus that of the government, as the opposition, who based on their "investigations", said Kern committed no breaches in the Cuban Light Bulb Scandal. However, the Auditor General's investigation found several irregularities and a clear indication of corruption. I hope this new clamor for accountability and reducing corruption in the government continues and that it is not one sided, but extends to both the opposition and the government. If government officials are given only a slap on the wrist or for engaging in corruption that robs the country of millions of tax payers money or if incidents of corruption are brushed under the carpet, then there will be no stemming of this raging beast which is destroying the fabric of our country.

It is too early to call the outcome of this case involving Kern Spencer and his associates as things can change as the investigations continue and the court case progress. But based on today's events the future of Crying Spencer looks dim, very dim.

10 commented:

Not too familiar with the story behind this politician crying, but a few weeks ago when it came on the news and saw that he had step down from his post to represent his area and then the crying i kinda wondered if he was on the "tape"! Its always funny to see a big man cry.

surprising!! glad to see there is some accountability, wish they would do that in barbados.

Well said Stunner! I concur totally!Apparently,the chickens are coming home to roost!RESPECT!!

" I hope this new clamor for accountability and reducing corruption in the government continues"

I don't know man. Politrix. I don't trust a single one.

lock up di whole a dem bumboclaaat....JLP. PNP. ABCDEFG............LOCK DEM UP!....we need some transparency inna dis raas!

Is he being a fall guy though? Seems like many more should be locked up too from the little I've been reading and hearing.

oh, this will all blow over very soon
I mean, it's not as if they killed anybody

(they didn't kill anybody did they?)

Crying Spencer....

For the rest of his life..his new nickname...

Its about time. Unfortunately Paulwell managed to escape the noose again! The man slippery more than an eel! There is still hope though. Maybe Kernie will implicate him soon. Jamaica dis eh nuh....and I tend to agree with GC....howver, this could be pay back time for what the PNP did to JAG Smith in the 80s...who knows....but again there is so much "media sensation" that I am willing to wait to hear the outcome in the courts for him and the browning.