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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hectic Weekend at River Bottom

I had a pretty hectic and eventful weekend which took me as far as Montego Bay. On Friday I drove the south coast to Montego Bay as I had to make a pickup and then it was off to Montego Bay, but I drove through New Market which only took about an hour and a half, compared to the almost 3 hours if I drove the Negril route. The road was winding, but it was good! I don't mind the winding road as it adds some thrill to the driving, shotting it while hugging the corners over the hills and valleys without the fear of potholes. I attended a little party in Montego Bay and by the next day it was time to head back, however, even though I decided to drive back the New Market Route, I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on some serious country road! Lost nuh ratid! But after driving on roads barely wide enough for my car, roads with craters and precipice on one side, over hills and valleys and through no ends of green bush and stopping to ask directions of trustworthy looking persons (old people), I finally made it to Santa Cruz, where I attended another little party. Then it was time for the long night drive back to Kingston.

On Sunday night I went to watch the talked about and always booked play, River Bottom. I have been trying to get tickets to watch this play for some time, but was told it was sold out every time. However I managed to get ticket for the 8:00pm show on Sunday from about Tuesday. Although the tickets cost $1000 per person, it was worth the money, as it had all the patrons laughing from the start to the finish. The comedy's cast boast some of Jamaica's biggest names in theatre including Oliver Samuels and Glen Campbell and is written by the gifted Trevor Brown. The setting of the comedy River Bottom is based on a fictional poor deep rural community (which fits in quite well with my adventure the previous day) called River bottom with no running water or electricity, except for one resident who is their Member of Parliament (MP), religious leader, so-called healer and prophet called Cappo, played by Oliver Samuels. I would tell you more about the play, but that would just spoil the fun for you. So if you haven't seen it as yet than you should! River Bottom guarantees a bellyfull of almost nonstop laughter and never a dull moment. It is playing at the Centre Stage Theatre in New Kingston.

9 commented:

What an eventful weekend yu had, an' in a very fun-filled way, thank God. Am not much for comedic plays these days -- like ah don't find de jokes funny any more, just loud an' over-acted. That one sounds watchable though.

I hope they bring this play to NYC this summer.
that's about 13 US dollars. I dunno--but that sounds like a bargain to me.

Wow. A Jamaican comedy in the past few years worth watching? Hmmm. I'll take your word for it.

I love the New Market Route. Winding through the hills is fun albeit a little dangerous.

Sigh, your life seems so interesting...all that warm weather....all that social life...

haha...i am now doing drama in literature and we are supposed to see River Bottom as a group some day....can't wait! Love big nose Oliva!

I hope they bring it to Vincy too..I enjoy these productions or I better come JA soon:)

what an adventure on those roads!

just given you a link: visit me and see if you like to reciprocate. ciao!

whats this new market route people are talking about and why have I been taking the long way all this time?