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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bottle Har Ross!!!

Ok, I can't help it! I was going to keep quiet as some of you blogged about it, but mi haffi get it out!

I didn't go and spend my US$75 (JM$5300) to go to the 2008 Air Jamaican Jazz and Blues Festival, but I feel it for the patrons who paid this overpriced fee only to be disrespected by Diana Ross! According to The Gleaner's article, the so-called Diva insisted that all the big screen TV's, that were strategically placed around the venue for the benefit of the paying non-VIP patrons to enjoy the performance, be turned off during her performance!

Hold on, what kind a idiot ting that! The big screen TV's are there for the paying patrons to see the person entertaining them. And from what I know of the venue, it would be basically impossible to see the performer on stage if you were not sitting in or close to the prestigious VIP area. Cocky Diana Ross you are working for the patrons and thus should give them the performance that they payed for and not behave like a spoiled brat.

Diana Ross seems to have become so absorbed in her own ego and displayed her spoil diva behavior at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. As explained by the promoter, Walter Elmore, she would not go on the stage if any cameras were present and this is after she was paid a whopping US$300,000 (JM$21 Million) to perform! I think Diana Ross has her head up her ass unless she has some good reason, like her plastic face, or other unnatural body parts are falling apart. But I think that her behaviour shows an utter lack of respect and consideration for her adoring fans. But I guess those once adoring fans are no longer adoring her based on some of the comments they made when they were interviewed.

I think the patrons at the Jazz and Blues Festival should have given her a true Jamaican stage show display of dissatisfaction and bottle har Ross!

12 commented:

Stunner,yuh nuh easy!! RESPECT star!!

that's not cool
I can't even remember anything she sings

Luv de title of this post! LOL! Seems like she's eccentric these days then. Or just paranoid enough not to trust de promoters.

if they didn't create such a big buzz over her before then they wouldn't be so disappointed. It was def the talk at the office on Monday though :p

Ah true dat?? but she ein no mega star no more so ah wha she problem? When last she performed anywhere that she protraying dis diva behavior? Shame!

People, a Diva is a Diva no matter what, lets not get too perturbed....of course I didn't spend my money to go so I can be 'real' like that. Peronally I think she, Peobo, Billy Ocean, all the hasbeen's should be glad for the Caribbean.....we seem to keep them afloat, who else is demanding the 'pleasure' of their company across the world.

I think the promoters should arrange to give back some money to the people in the cheap seats.

Bottle har yes! Hopefully that would deflate her ego.

lol very imaginative title mi boy.At our Bluesfestin 2006 or thereabouts Millie Jackson had some divarish behaviour too.Thankfully, I didnt spend a cent to go there

It was a bad move. Sometimes people get crabby when they're old. If she doesn't like the heat she should stay out of the kitchen.

I was in the VIP section, and trus mi, a could'nt see har, after 5 minutes I zoned out

Hehe. Oh Gosh Stunner, I probably wouldn't go so far. Don't want her to tell the rest of the world how we are holigans. I would egg her 'Ross' though. :) I understand even peeps in the VIP had difficulty seeing her because the stage was dark. Don't know what was the point of the clothes changes then. Chuups.


Not nice at all....but I guess its what you do when your stars faded.