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Monday, January 28, 2008

Condoms In School

The issue of distributing condoms in schools as a means to promote safe sex and to curb the growing epidemic of STD's in the country has been a center of controversy for some time now and it once again resurfaced. Many argue that quite a large number of high school students are partaking in unsafe sexual practices, thus putting themselves at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. There are two main sides to this difficult puzzle, those who are for condoms in schools and those who are against issuing condoms to these minors.

Some from the pro condoms conclude that preaching abstinence to teens with raging hormones who are bombarded with sex from almost every angle is futile or is just not enough. So if these minors are going to have sex anyway, why not give them the means to protect themselves and so it safely. I must agree that the do have a point to some extent. Teens and children alike are surrounded these days with sex and sexual overtones constantly from readily available sources: music, 'blue movies' (pornographic films), printed material, their peers and adults alike, television shows and even commercials, and the list continues. Not all children have "model parent" who will guide them in the right direction and even that is not full proof. Hence, simply encouraging them to abstain from sex does little to stop these children from engaging in risky sexual behaviors and I still haven't seen a store that sells chastity belts. Therefore, teaching these children about safe sex and providing them with the tool, the condom, to protect themselves seems like a very good way to retard the spread of STD's among these school teens.

But I also agree with the stance taken by those who are against handing out condoms in school. Why? Well they argue that giving condoms to these teens in school, these minors, is tantamount to giving them a license to engage in illicit sex. And if you think about it, they have a point as it could be viewed by these minors, that by giving them condoms, we condone their sexual activities and have accepted that they can do as they feel.

Minors should not be having sex, but they are and they are doing it recklessly at times. The issue of whether or not we should distribute condoms to minors in our nation's schools is a very sensitive issue. Also, it may not be the answer to this ever growing problem of minors having sex and the side effects of teenage pregnancy and STD's. This problem is bigger than the schools can handle, it needs the wider community, religion, parents, government, our entire society. Maybe we need to go back to the drawing board: remove the sexual stimulants in our entertainment and advertisements, instill good moral values in our children by being better parents, talk with our children about sex, closely monitor our children, implement stronger penalties for adults who take advantage of the youths, and of course teach them about safe sex.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you agree with distributing condoms in schools or are you against it? What do you think is the solution?

20 commented:

gosh this is a difficult one

when I was in high school and whatnot there were condoms available but nobody would go into the office to get them
myself I had no need of them.

I think kids who would accept condoms given out at school have a lot more problems than just illicit sex--their parents are probably ignoring them and they are likely in trouble with their grades as well.

I doubt there's much one can do for them so might as well let them have the condoms--at least save them a trip to the MD or even an unwanted pregnancy.

Am not in favour of in-school distribution, but then am not in favour of their unsafe sex either.
Education is it -- an' maybe anonymous dispensers where who want it can get it an' who don't want it won't have it thrust into their scholastic psyche.

Being a parent, I think this idea is a double edged sword!

I do not think the school has the right or should be able to give out condoms to our children.

It sends the wrong message, as a parent I talk to my child and am not afraid to answer any of his questions about sex.

Knowledge is power.

I feel that if more parents were open with the topic of sex with their children then maybe the things that are going on would not be going on.

Don't get me wrong as a whole we have to accept the fact that they will at some time engage in sexual activity...but I believe that talking and listening goes a long way to helping your child or children with this tremendous decision and experience.

This is just me two cents!

Youngsters are having sex. Many adults are uncomfortable with it and would rather pretend it is not happening. In many cases i ti snot enough to tell them to abstain so what do we do?

I say educate about sex and the responsibilities that goes along with it. I think they should have access to condoms but am not sure if they would want to collect them in school. In my time nobody wanted the adults esp the teachers to know about their sexual lives since fr the most part they feared being judged.

It's a conundrum. The points on both sides of this issue are valid. However, I'm more inclined to agree with Deelze.


I knew of this post through Gordon. I don't think issuing condoms will work. It will actually encourage their sexual activity.

better they give the condoms. Reason.

giving the condom not giving the condom they gonna have sex anyway. better to have it and not use it than to not have it.. "and use it anyway" if you get what i'm saying.

at the end of the day you cannot "stop" kids from doing what they want its impossible they're at school your at work you cant control them

I beleive they should distribute the condoms in schools.

I remember going to an HIV sensitization session where a Ministry of Health Official relayed a story about a school boy in the country who was adamant that the condoms could be reused so he took them to his home where he had washed and hung out to dry six or so condoms....they gave him a box and made arrangements with the local clinic to just give them to him when he comes in, at least then he and his partner would be safe.

Another story was about a yout who said that nuh disease can touch him cause him did throw 3 green lime inna the room before him guh in deh....

So much ignorance out there.We need to stop hiding from this issues and admit certain truths...the kids are having sex....some are selling does feel better without the condom, but lets wear one anyway cause it protects us.....if this is what it takes to protect the furture of this country, then so be it.

I think they should give them condoms. It's like weighing two evils and illicit sex isn't as bad as hiv.

Indeed, this is definitely a conundrum. You are damned if you do and you are also damned if you do not.SEX EDUCATION classes and counseling are essential and paramount for both students and parents,especially, for parents who/that are not properly informed on the various issues such as teen pregnancies,AIDS,HIV, and other forms of STD,and are not capable psychologically,intellectually and otherwise of addressing,discussing, and enlightening their children appropriately and accordingly independent of such classes.Certainly,such classes and counseling should not be provided to both groups at the same time.Subjectively,one is of the perspective that the education of such parents will allow them to be more responsible, and will result in such parents becoming more of a vanguard or initiative oriented regarding the issue of sex and sexuality vis-a-vis their children.With respect to the distribution of condoms to sexually active students,this can can be done and administered via community health centers and other public agencies or bodies as opposed to the actual school disbursing same and taking on such responsibilities, which will only result in such schools being embroiled in various and sundry types of controversies relative to religion,morality/immorality,spirituality,legality and supposedly the compromising of academics and pedagogy.Academic institutions are already fettered with too many problems, and the issuance of condoms by schools will onl0y be another distraction.RESPECT!!

Check out my thoughts on your post here:

You all made some interesting and valid points. Although they vary at some point, we all agree that it is a serious growing problem that is a prickly situation and really a challenge. We may not be able to save all but we need to do as much as we can as a society to save was much as we can.

I strongly disagree with issuing condoms in school.Promiscuity should not be facilitated. Condoms are already available at health centres and pharmacy. There is a time and place foreverything. What will be suggested next? That condoms be issued in Sunday School?

karich80 said...

I strongly disagree with issuing condoms in school.Promiscuity should not be facilitated. Condoms are already available at health centres and pharmacy. There is a time and place foreverything. What will be suggested next? That condoms be issued in Sunday School?

I know i'm very late commenting on this post, but you know what, you might as well hand them out in sunday school because i know people that would fuck in chuch or behind church after everyone left ... sad but true. And this was a prominent church, not some back bush "poor people" church.

Fact of the matter is the pharmacy and the clinics are out of the way and so may not be resorted to by many. at least you can get it to them at school.

your absolutly right, there is a time and place for everything. but me being a teenager my self, i know how hard headed i can be...

i mean i know so many poeple in school that are having unsafe sex, and its all because they either cant afford it or because they are just too embaressed to get it out on the streets. when teenagers are horney they dont stop unzipping their pants to think "oh, crap i need a condom". they just do it. if they had condoms distributted in school then they would be doing the do, SAFELY... better safe then sorry right? i mean if my sister was able to get condoms in her school maybe she would have never gotten knocked up at the age of 15, condoms should be given along with classes to educate them, [PARENTS] need to open up there eyes and fast. many parents think oh no my baby isnt doing that but to be honest children are expirimenting sexually since there 5!!! the're seventh graders giving head in school for a dollar!! i know hard to belive but true. what parents need to do is sit down and talk to there kids.

just cause condoms are being given away in school doesnt mean that the students have to have sex, if you want to fuck, than go head and fuck. if you dont than dont get the condoms.
there are cigarettes in all stores but not every one uses it, kind of like the condom...

Me being a teenager myself I think condoms should be givin out.
Majority of teens are fully awear of the concequences of having unprotected sex.
Might as well give your children a condom cause if you don't they're just going to do it anyway.
It'll also save you the trip of havign to go get an abortion.

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