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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gym Packed!

The festive Christmas Holidays are over and everyone seems to have had their fill of all the delicacies associated with the season. A new Year has dawned upon us and New Year's Resolution have started of with a bang... well at least one New Year's Resolution is in full effect! I know you are wondering what the hell mad bwoy Stunner getting at? It is the get back in shape after the over stuffing of the holiday effect!

Let me back track to December and even as far back as November, I remember when I went to the gym there was always a decent amount of people at the gym. I admit, the gym I go to has a decent size crowd during the weekdays but not too much. But since Monday of this month that number has grown to a large multitude! I went into the Gym on Monday of last week and had to wonder if the Gym was giving out free membership, because only when freeness a give weh, suh much Jamaican congregate! The air conditioning units struggled and bawled as they tried to keep a stable tolerable temperature due to the head generated by desperate, sweaty people trying to work of their holiday fat!

It is not just because people want to get back that pre-holiday figure that has got these people in a desperate frenzy to work up a sweat! It is now carnival season here in Jamaica, so people want more than the pre-holiday body, they want the hot, tempting, eye-popping carnival body to parade in those skimpy outfits as the gyrate in the hot sun!

In a few months the gym population will soon die down to it's normal level as people sink back into their normal regimes and the fitness hype will have faded. But until then it will be all room full, all full! If only people would have that same zeal to be fit and in shape all year around!

8 commented:

sI think that its about time your female readers saw a little skin from are constantly raving about the wonders of eating right and getting exercise....lets have a pic of the torso (good thing you're handy with a camera), six pack included, and we will work on going further down.......(elevate your minds people).

All in favour say Aye.

I'll kick it off....AYYYYYE.

carnival body or not....I SHALL BE IN THE CARNIVAL ROAD MARCH!

that's why I'm waiting 'til February to hit the gym
I don't want any of those looks from the regular members

I need to get back to the gym...only mines filled with the older folk...

yea i want to go to the gym this week but i'm afraid of the crowds

@Emanicipated? : All in due time ;)

@Nickiesha: I'll be on the sideline with my camera!

@GC: The sooner the better! February might turn out to be March, then April and get the pivture!

@Crankyputz : It's a good idea to start exercising again! Old people?

@Jdid: Don't worry, the crowd will die down soon enough!

Had no idea we Jamaicans were so conscious about our weight. You know it would've been easier just to restrain yourself during the holidays.

Thats the situation I been facing at the Gym I go to over here (Grand Cayman) too... I can't wait for the end of February (where Gym going is concerned).