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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Night Shot from Around the World

Night pictures of famous places from around the world taken on January 9, 2008 by various professional photographers in their respective countries.





Niagara Falls

Las Vegas

Washington DC
JAMAICASorry, No electricity at the moment!!!

I think all my fellow Jamaican bloggers can relate to this! I got it in my email and just had to share it!

16 commented:

Very good blog.
Good post, with the electricity, most excellent the last one without....ha, ha, ha

Good one man. I think I'll share it with my friends.

I got it yesterday and must admt I felt like jamaipanese.....when dem foolishness yah a guh cut out? feel so backward.

oh fantastic
that brought a smile to my face even though I'm sick, at work, and having a nasty attitude today

lol,that was a great one

lol that last one caught me by surprise! good post!

Excellent comparative night shot from around the world.Bwoy yard salt!!Remember,we are going to be a first world country in twenty years. Big joke!!We cant even provide electricity to the people, with all these blackouts.Again,great post my brethren.A picture is worth a thousand words. RESPECT!!

lol that was funny, could have been iNdia...actually it was goa...

lol!! :-D Good one. ROFLMAOlol!

Good one, my yute. I actually got this one a day or two before you posted it. Nuff people over here were laughing at it, ie. Caymanians and English and so on, but cho! Ah nuh nutten! For instance, we have had all island powercuts over here this year too.

HAHAHA!!! bannas, dat look jus like GT, Guyana. nice...

I got this one too. Too funny. And true.

paynsIt's better for looking at the stars !
And also for fighting against the global warming.