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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Propehcy, Prophecy and Prophets!

While browsing through The Gleaner's website an article caught my attention. The tittle of the article was, "Prophets reveals signs for 2008". This sent me into a flashback to last year when the self proclaimed prophet, Pastor Phinn, 'prophesied that the the Prime Minister Portia Simpson and her party would win the General Elections held late last year. However, it seems the, now unseen prophet, turned out to be a false prophet when the PNP was defeated at the polls. But this embarrassing fall from grace that the so-called prophet Phinn suffered did little to squelch the flames of the several religious leaders who proclaim to be prophets.

It seems propecies are the order of the day this year! According to the article there has been 62 predictions already for 2008 made by various so-called prophets and prophetesses. Prophecies range from the quiet obvious to seemingly ridiculous claims of the future. Some foresee an increase in crime here in Jamaica, while others see a much brighter future as the predict that the country will see financial prosperity. But these 'prophecies' are not limited to only our small island of Jamaica! Oh no! There are proclamation of doom for our Caribbean neighbors and countries far across the globe as it is claimed that "Bangladesh should brace for widespread epidemic, while India and Puerto Rico are expected to experience a series of natural disasters". In another article, one bishop claims to have received a special plan from God that will put Jamaica on a course for sustained success and has called for a meeting with him an the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition!

I know in a religious country like Jamaica a lot of persons believe in these religious leaders who claim to be prophets and flock their churches. however, I am very skeptical of these so-called self proclaimed prophets as the Bible itself said that there will be false prophets and their prophecies that would mislead many. Anyone can get up and say he/she is prophet/prophetesses and make predictions, especially when these predictions are made based on obvious trends. What are your thoughts on these 'prophets'/'prophetesses' and their many 'prophecies'?

7 commented:

I take them with a pinch of salt. And all th eprohecies are dramatic and doom and gloom. How come it's never good news?

What do I think of them? I didn't read the article, that should tell you something.
I foresee that many of these prophecies will not come to pass. I bet I am right. :)

lol mad bull increased the prediction list to 63..

let me add my prediction, carlos hill will be investing in soap on a rope for '08

All the prophets prophesisng, and none'a dem not winning the lottery. That says mushc for their credibility, if you ask me!

BTW - Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and all'a dat!

They're like weather-forecasters an' broken clocks. Weather-man right whenever we forget what de forecast was, an' every broken clock is right at least once a day:)

just passin by. beware of false prophets; real prophets of the Lord could care less about "winning the lottery" as that would be a greed that would kill their call--besides, predicting numbers and sex lives isnt the domain of a prophet, but of so-called psychics; Unfortunately, the test of a true prophet is whether or not the prophecy comes to pass, even if it takes censturies; finally, beware of anyone flashing the banner of having the Lord's gift of prophet openly--THEY ARE DANGEROUS--they seek to gain credibility and fame and leadership by manipulation and ABUSE of a gift they don't even deserve, but was given to themm by GOD'S choosing and can be just as quickly taken away. There is a curse in Scripture that the Lord has spoken that promises death to anyone who speaks a prophecy they were NOT commanded to speak and anyone who "claims" to speak in the name of the Lord as a false prophet faces the same fate. Am I A PROPHET? Who knows and who cares! I simply speak truth where lies would choose to dwell, so take all this or leave it. I can be reached at LAGNIAPPEGATOR@HOTMAIL.COM One last thought. Some prophecies in the Bible WERE good news, the news of Jesus Christ! But woe to the prophet who preaches peace and prosperity when judgement and God's justice are the reality.

A Prophet is someone chosen and someone who has seen God and apparently commanded him to do something. Let those false prophets be accursed! and Prophets are not just here to prophecy but also to preach and to spread the love God has.