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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recap and Eye Candy on the Side

Another weekend is here again! Is it just me or do the weekends seem to come quicker these days? I have been so busy this week between working regular 8-5 and working out at the gym for hours in the gym. By the time I reach home I can only manage to shower and grab a bite and it's straight to bed. Well it has been quite a week here in Jamaica. Here is the recap:

The Jamaican Urban Transit Company (JUTC) withdrew it's services on Monday morning as the staged a protest to vent their frustration of their management! According to the report, the company has been deducting payments from the workers salary but has not been paying over the deductions to the financial institutions including the National Housing Trust (NHT). This has added fuel to the the fire as the workers are already upset about their salaries and now they have financial institutions breathing down their necks for money that was supposed to have already been paid over. [Read Article] I know that I would not be pleased myself... that's to mild, I would be cross nuh 10 Bounty Killer!

The government announced that it will taking steps to regularize the many alternative investment schemes currently operating all across the island including the well known Cash Plus. It has been reported that the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has been receiving a flood of calls from several schemes asking about getting their organization registered. [Read Article] So all the Cash Plus investors are keeping their fingers crossed on this one!

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) delivered its new years present in fine style yesterday evening with an island wide blackout starting at approximately six fifteen. [Read Article]I escaped the total mayhem on the roads as I still managed to get my workout as the gym has a backup generator. I was totally surprised to find power at my house after my workout, even though the road home was only lit by the headlamps of the cars. But is was a good thing cause I man did hungry like dawg and in need of a good warm shower!

Those were the main stories for the week, pretty eventful start to the year. But today the weekend begins, a time to relax, hangout with friends, party, shake your groove thing and of course work! Oh yeah, I have work the entire weekend, but I won't complain as I had all of last weekend off, so it's not that bad. And here is a little present to start of the weekend on a nice note... well for the male readers, as they would appreciate this!

Hmmm, if only I was a train on that track! Choo! Choo!

14 commented:

Hmmmmm...and what would you do if you were on that track hon? (Lol...guess who!)

lol a very busy week in Jamaica indeed. I hope things calm down for the rest of the year.

Is not just yu alone bredda. Mi can hardly keep up wid de time. Is like from it reach Wednesday, de week dun. Not dat mi mind. :D

Work again this weekend? Hush yah. Hope that will change this year and you'll have more weekend breaks.

myyy gooodd!

mi nearly choke pon a chicken bone when this page loaded up and I saw those butt cheeks!

I was pissed at both the JUTC and the JPS for the f'ery they kept up during the week. I waited at the bus stop with a dead $80 in my pocket until my feet hurt. Thanks for the eye candy man.

The weekends can't come quick enough for me these days. hopefully, that happens for me very soon.
I am so tired of hearing about all the corruption with these large institutions in JA. How do they expect Jamaica to move forward with these issues? My goodness man!!
In any case, what a 'oman thick!! Anyways, be easy my yute.

anybody even looked at her face?

she looks like she get ketch :p

yummy is all i can say. happy nappy new year folk

ofzkpvtYour even busier then I am. WOW! I had to do a double take towards the end of this post. Im so jealous right!!!!

I hate those blackouts with a passion! I see Strike in action in JA too eh

Lwad Stunner you have to double the gym for that girl:)

Everything seems like one big blur these days!!Bwoy,da dawta de is spectacularly and breathtakingly endowed.Impressive and sensational derriere!!REspect!!

Ok I'm offended by that pic....

Nah I'm just playing... but am a little jealous... I love my shape but sometimes I do feel like I wish I had a booty like that... just for one day... to see how much different my life would be...LOL