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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Red, White and Valentine's

Love is in the air they say. It's a time to show that special someone how much you care. A time to let that crush know you have a romantic interest in them. As early as two weeks ago I stepped in a pharmacy only to be greeted by an overwhelming display of red and white signaling the beginning the romantic season. There is definitely no escape from it especially on the TV as various stores try to entice your pockets with an endless supply of Valentine's gifts.

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, it's just another one of those commercialized time of the year that puts pressure on people's pocket. I don't think I have to choose this one special day to let that special lady know how much I care for her, I do that as often as possible. Furthermore, if your partner is keen on Valentines day then, he or she will be expecting you to give them a gift of to do something special. I think if I am giving a gift it should come from the heart and not because I have to as the other person is expecting it. Furthermore, a spontaneous treat of gift is more special as it gives an element of surprise. On another note, enough of the red and white already!

That's just my conservative view, on St. Valentine's Day. What are your thought's on this romantic, red and white, filled day called Valentine's Day?

11 commented:

do you have some other colors you can suggest for valentines?

i dont like this "i dont celebrate valentines day" view at all that is shared by the majority of men and mostly single women.

the day is what is, commercialized or not if you have someone in your life whats wrong with telling them you love them on this day too? im not saying there needs to be a big hoopla but nuh likkle nuttn so? u too good man

I share your perspective!It is nothing more but the commercialization and commodification of love.Interestingly,it is not even romantic, it is nothing more than crass and gaudy materialism foisted on people by the marketing agencies and advertisers of various companies.Again,it is about consumption, consumption and more consumption.All these so called special days including Christmas are about consumption.But guess what?! You may be supporting the economy in some manner or form.RESPECT!!

@ Stunner: Ok, I know what you think. What does your lady think? Me, I usually celebrate it at least a little bit, though I must say I agree with you. The merchants are laughing all the way to the bank.

@Irie Diva: I let my special lady know I care about here everyday. I just don't get caught up in this whole Valentine's day hype.


@Mad Bull: Well, she isn't into the Valentines day thing. They laugh on every one of these "big money" holidays.

it is all about the dollars on this day. the key is to find ingenious and unconventional gifting ideas to celebrate this day without killing your pocket. quite frankly, if you're not rich like that, then you need to have enough money for the birthday, Christmas, and other special occasions in addition to the spontaneous times when a monetary gift is in order.

well become one of the merchants then! anything to celebrate the day

i think MB has it right, a lil goes a long way on this day

i call it craptine's day...enough said...but then i'm all alone...wahhhhaaa

I don't celebrate it too. That's my two cents.

I love chocolate so it's fine by me:)