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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who Seh Big Man Don't Cry?

Picture taken from The Gleaner 20071107

There is a popular saying that men should be tough and show no signs of weakness by crying. In other words, "Big man don't cry". But Kern Spencer, the former PNP Junior Minister, now member of Parliament wept openly in yesterday's sitting of the House of Representatives. The PNP has found itself at the helms of yet another scandal involving the wanton spending of taxpayers money. At the time Mr. Spence was the Junior minister in the Ministry of Technology and Commerce, which was headed by Phillip Paulwell, otherwise known as Baby Paulwell due to his constant fumbling and trails of mismanagement and scandals.

According to The Gleaner, the JLP has revealed that under the former ruling party it cost Jamaican taxpayers some JM$276.5 Million to distribute 4 million free light bulbs donated by the Cuban government. The JLP has launched an investigation into the issue by the Contractor General and Auditor General and has even suggested that the fraud Squad be incorporated which would make the issue a criminal investigation. It seems Mr. Spencer wanted to say something in his defense of the defense of his Ministry and Party when the charges were being thrown at him by the Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings. However his was muted by the opposition party secretary several times, and that seem to triggered this outburst, or should I say pouring out of emotions. [Read the story here]

It will be interesting to see how this will play out. Will there be criminal charges? Is this just the beginning of the exposure of the corruption that was entrenched in the former ruling party? Does this mean that the new ruling party will be any better? Or will we see more bawling in the house of Parliament? Only time will tell!

13 commented:

Stunner, Spencer is the Fall Guy for all of this. He was the inexperienced kid who *they* put at the forefront to sign all teh documents. He was such a fool. He left a perfect paper trail leading totally to himself...and his sweetheart! :) Idiot.

I bet you he was crying because he wished he had taken just that extra million! Kern a big man?????? him just ah come...him nuh season yet!

interesting America is so friendly with Jamaica when Jamaica is so friendly with Cuba.

Dah one yah sweet! I hope Paulwell neck in the noose too, you know! I hope he doesn't escape yet another scandal!

lol I remember seeing this on the news the other night.

what was classic was Lisa's reaction when they asked her about it.

My theory for his emotional meltdown was the mental pictures of the prison cells and the raping in his future.

What beats de drama of a woman's tears -- a man's tears. Him look so sorrowful an' ... well ... sorry. Anyway mi naw laugh afta him now, 'cause mi granny always said, "Ah noh who drop outta mango tree yu fi bawl fa, a who fa belly fluxy mango a wait pon:)

First time in my life am seeing a politician cry in parliament. I wanted to give him a seriously, am really interested in knowing why he was crying

wrong fowl get ketch...but...OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!

Only time will tell and I think we all know what it'll say . . .

ROFL LOL LOL LOL @ Adrian boss i agree with you because it is rumoured that when minister Mullings indicated that he had called in the fraud squad, all hell bruk loose. What a tangled web we weave and the one Paulwell boy can he dance well.

Interesting that the PNP's internal report clears both Kern and Paulwell

Nice. I posted on the same thing a while back. I guess I'd cry too if I was GUILTY AS SIN! Sorry, did that come out?