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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is Just Crazy!

This is one market I won't be going to at all!

8 commented:

Alrighty then...
Nah catch me deh so either! lol!

Where is that exactly?

When shopping becomes a hazardous thing am out.

dwl.. at least a lot of people get to see their goods as the train passes :p

I'd go. Looks to me like they have a system.

It's mind-bogglin' what people can adapt to -- if we had no choice, that'd be us.

I don't even want to think off all the dirt, dust, germs and other unmentionables floating in the air.


that was unbelievable....we really need to give thanks for our small mercies and stop complaining so much!!!!

aw hell naw!! black friday ain't got nothing on that.