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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pull It Up! - "Flex (Time to Have Sex)"

Yes my friends it's that time again for Pull It Up! I pulled this one from deep in the archives. this tune was the adolescent male theme song for the girls when I was in my teens! Flex (Time to Have Sex) by Mad Cobra! I hope you enjoy it!

7 commented:

Reggae-soul, really smooth -- yet Cobra seemed 2 ruff (his entire demeanor) -- kinda like Busy.

Oh my...this song brings back memories!

The parties, and the grinding, oh my, oh my! I love it! ;)

male anthem

*truck horn sounds* - wheel and come again. hahahaha....the 80s & early 90s are unforgettable.

mmmmm what can i say ... i even helped write this song ...but nutten fi mi anyway did it as friends so .. big deal.