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Friday, November 02, 2007

Pull It Up! - "Champion"

As you all know from my posts about Good Times and Yesterday that I am a fan of the 90'a music. Don't get me wrong, I do listen to some of the recent Dancehall songs and actually enjoy quiet a few. But to me the 90's were the best years in Dancehall! Maybe it kind of brings back that nostalgic feel of when I was in my teens and in high school. Aaahhhh yes, the days without stress. But I think I like them more that the songs these days, because the 90's songs to me were the "wine up pon gyal" (No disrespect to the ladies) music!These days when you go to an ordinary session it is common to see groups of males dancing with each other as they try to show off how good the can handle the latest moves. While the women are by themselves dancing. I'm not saying that there are not instances where men and women are dancing and gyrating on each other, but just too much dance moves and division between the sexes. An yuh know Stunner nuh inna the bag a man ting! But Good Times, Yesterday and Mellow Vibes are my kind of parties! Why? Because the play those 90's songs that you can certainly wine up on someone of the opposite sex to. Yeah the good music and the good vibes.

Well all that blabber was just to set the tone for the post. I have decided to pull up some of these songs from back in the days in what I call Pull It Up posts where I will feature the video of one of these popular 90's hits. This is the first of such posts and the song I chose to start things off is Champion (Remix), by Buju Banton. It was released was released in 1995 on Buju's 'Til Siloh album and was one of my favorite songs on that album. I hope you enjoy it and have a good weekend!

14 commented:

Yes stunner, big tune i am so glad that someone will be doing this, cause i was wondering how i would get the reggae in on my "songs i love" listings ... gonna mek a request "ole dog like me' zeen

I know where you're coming from with this, Mr. Stunner. I just don't get this "man and man a dance" thing at all!

Not only do those guys dance together, but dem pants so tight dem haffe notice how every likkle guinep seed print out. So not right. Sooo not right.

yes yes bring back the rub-a-dub days :p

I can't wait to get home and give it a listen and I'm with what Mad Bull said.

Yeah. The 90s was all about the togetherness, if you know what I mean. And the dancehall seems rather watered down these days. Thanks for sharing!

@Bobby: Thank's man, glad you like it. I will search for that tune.

@Mad Bull: Yep, this man and man thing just don't go down well with me.

@Melody: That's the other thing that just upsets me! bun a fyah fi them tight pants man deh!

@Adrian: Those days were the good ole days!

@Justacoolcat: I hope you like it!

@Leon: Yeah Leon, those were the best days of the dancehall to me.

90s dancehall is where its at you, i wonder if its because that era signaled the period when i had just left home for university and was partying it is 90s dancehall is da bomb!!!!

pull it up mr. selecta!!!!

dem tune ya a show up mi age :D

now this is what dance hall music is!

I love the entire til Shiloh album.
Buju will be in SVG next wkend but chances are I will ne in Trinidad

it's funny isn't it, all of them wearing their tight pants, signalling planes, when there are gorgeous women to chat up with..

@Kara - Jamaican Woman: They were definitely the days for dancing!

@Jamaipanese: It certainly is mi yute!

@Kami: That album was definitely good indeed. Enjoy yourself in Trinidad!

@Crankyputz: lol, real idiat thing that! Give me the ladies dem!

now that's what I call music
thank you
looking forward to some more