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Thursday, November 15, 2007

KRW'07: Stunner Does Rib Kage!

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As I said in my post about Kingston Restaurant Week 2007, I will be treating my pallet to the offerings of one of these participating restaurants during the course of the week-long celebration of the city's culinary creations. As I also expressed before, being an underpaid employee...well I actually said, " bruck pocket", I would definitely not be going up to the Delectable group of restaurants. So I decided to stretch the credit card and try out one of the Savory meals. The restaurant of choice was Rib Kage Bar and Grill. Maybe not one of the big time sit down and dine in places, but hey I've never been there before so I decided to try it.

The ambiance was very relaxed and the air was filled with the chatter of patrons as the converse and enjoyed the offerings to the pallet. So it was pretty decent where atmosphere and the staff was concerned, so now it was time for the real deal, the food! After receiving the menu, I didn't have to look too hard for what I wanted to order, as there was a special menu enclosed for Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW). Well, it's not like I really had to look for what I want anyway, because if anyone has heard about Rib Kage they know it's all about the ribs baby! However, the KRW menu didn't only have Ribs, it also had three other choices for the main course, two choices of desserts and the soup of the day as the appetizer along with a complimentary cocktail.

To start things off it was the appetizer and appetizing it was! It was a tasty bowl beef soup with the right amount of pepper! This set the stage for the main course and also kicked off a burp or two. Well since Rib Cage is famous for their BBQ ribs, that's what I decided to order. So I had the Half rack Rum Glazed Baby Back Ribs along with a side dish of vegetable rice and coleslaw. I must admit, the BBQ ribs was certainly pleasing to my pallet and the ample size of the serving would certainly impress any hungry Jamaican! With that devoured it was time to sample the tasty dessert. I had the Double Chocolate Brownie A la Mode, rich chocolate brownie smothered with sweet ice cream, topped with a cherry... Yum! My experience of KRW at the Rib Kage was definitely a pretty decent one and I would certainly sample their menu again!

14 commented:

Rib Kage wasn't a bad place. Unfortunately, that is where we took my father for his 75th birthday. He was looking so tired and sickly I knew something was wrong. That is where I convinced him to let me take him to the doctor. Unfortunately, it was a bit too late. I sort of went off of Rib Kage after that. No fault of Rib Kage though.

Ah, Stunner comes thru wid full-course pics. Those ribs look like a 2-person servin' -- next time yu goh there, email 1/2 a de ribs to mi, mek mi try dem out:)
(MB's comment so poignant.)

You were lucky. Like you "mi did bruk to" but I tried to at least sample a bit of the offering. I went to Cabana....I had been there for lunch on a few occasions and it was good. The KRW menu though was limited, unimaginative and absolutely devoid of good flavour and seasoning....the cocktail and dessert were good though, so we substituted the food with drink.

@Mad Bull: Hmm, that is indeed sad. Star yuh put a dark cloud on Rib Kage with that story.

@Jamaipanese: Yes it was that good! lol!

@Melody: I am a man of my word, so i had to share the tempting, appetizing meals! lol, I doubt they can fit the file size to big!

@Emanicipated?: I think that's where we had the blogger link up on both occasions, and the finger food was pretty good! Sorry to hear the food wasn't good, but at least they makeup with the cocktails ans dessert!

Them ribs look amazing..thanks for rubbing it in:) Yesterday, they had a food festival in Kingstown but I didn't get a chance to pass by.I think was strictly local foods they were having tho

In my meat eating days, I thought Rib Kage was a pretty cool place for some good eats. Seems like it still is, from your experience. Sounds like you got your money's worth too. Those pics look yummy, lol.

your making me so damn hungry

KRW menu was lame indeed but rib kage does have some good food.. drools :p

re Half rack Rum Glazed Baby Back Ribs
sure has a ring to it
I like the sound of that
granted I don't eat ribs but I'd eat at a restaurant that had such a way with words.

I hate you! :( Just teasing me with that blooming post.

gimme dat address nuh so i can check it out wen i in JA.

Just had lunch and from the pics and description i could have more food. Sounds great.