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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Scarce... Where is My Mojo? Where is Stunner?

Wow, my posting here has been scarcer than the rain in Jamaica! Well, maybe not as scarce as rain here, considering that the rainy month of October passed without any rain worth mentioning! It seems I have lost my Blogging Mojo, because I have been here so infrequently and the same can be said about me visiting blogs. is it that I have lost that drive to blog and keep up with the posts of other bloggers? Or is it really that I lost my Blogging Mojo and need to find it back? Or maybe it is Twitter to be blamed since I am almost always tweeting away? Well whatever the reason, I hope I can start posting here more frequently. So what has been happening in the Stunner's life?

Well, I wish I could say I am happily employed in a job a love and enjoy and being well compensated for my hard work. But alas, that's just a figment of my imagination as I don't even have a miserable job that can barely pay the bills. Yes my friends, I am still unemployed, still combing the Gleaner for job ads, still sending out applications one after the other, still unemployed and looking. Hopefully I will find something soon, and the searching goes on.

My photography

On a lighter note though, I am still toying with my hobby, photography, and trying to improve my skills in hopes of making some decent money from it. In fact, I have had a few gigs, the money isn't much to talk about, but it can pay a one bill here and there. In fact I have one to work on right now, but this damn place to damn hot to do anything that requires moving from in front the fan for even a second! If you are interested you can check it out here Maybe you'll see a photo you like and order a print from me, or like my portraits and hire me for a shoot, right, right, right...

YS Falls St. Elizabeth

My girlfriend was here for a few weeks and that kept me busy, no not in the bed, behind the steering wheel as we were on the road quite often. And I found myself traveling from St. Elizabeth in one end of the island to Portland on the other side of Jamaica. I didn't mind it though, it was great to spend some time and also to get out of this damn hot house and enjoy a bit of Jamaica. I finally made it to YS Falls after being disappointed on so many occasions before. I actually wanted to see this attraction for over four years now and never made it. So getting to go there and see it first hand was a wonderful experience for me. However there is more traveling in store, as this weekend will be the monthly flickr group photography trip and I am looking forward to that!

That's just about it in a nutshell, nothing super exiting and dramatic. Hopefully I will drop a decent post soon and get back that mojo! Come on mojo, you can do it come on...

8 commented:

love the photo of the falls. the time an effort on the photo stuff is showing off in terms of skills.

yea i blame twitter on the blogger fall off too. nobody nuh got time to read or comment anymore.

good luck job hunting

still resisting twitter
sounds like u r keeping busy though and that is good
hope it rains soon

Come on Jdid join the twitter. I haven't been blogging much either but it's a combination of things. Blogging is still my love though.

Keep on with the photos J

Nevermind Stunner, you have IT skills something is bound to open up in the billion dollar teh YS falls photo, tempted to go see and enjoy for myself.

Re: Blogging, its a pass time. If your mind isn't settled about how you'll pay your next bill you can't be comfortable enough to Blog and catch up on Blogs....this is what I use to justify my own actions:0) Something will open up soon, the Lord has a plan.

I saw the Commissioner of police position in the gleaner, I would send in my resume just for the fun of it. Take it easy and watch you budget.


The photography seems like it could take you places, stick with it, you never know, plus its your passion!

great photos as usual, can't wait to see the ones you got on the trip yesterday

Job hunting is a biatch. Yet isn't the time to find a different hobbies/passions refreshing?

I am a better blogger than a tweeter...that isn't saying much.

Hang in there.