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Monday, June 02, 2008

Bolt Beats Gay!!!

Yes you heard right, but I am not talking about some act of violence against a homosexual! On Saturday May 31, 2008 Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt beat the American, Tyson Gay at at the Reebok Grand Prix meet. But not only did he defeat Gay, but he also did the impossible and shattered the record held by the world' s fastest man, fellow Jamaican Sprinter, Asafa Powell! Usain 'bolted' away from Gay's 9.85 seconds clocking a whopping 9.72 seconds, two (2) seconds faster than Asafa's record of 9.74 seconds. So it looks like there is a much anticipated show down, between the two fastest men in the world, the two Jamaicans. Will Bolt stay on Top or will Asafa regain his number one spot? Whatever happens, Jamaica is on top and congrats to Usain on his victory and becoming number one!

PS: I posted a new photo on my photoblog and there is a new poll at the bottom of the page!

8 commented:

congrats Usain...go team Jamaica!

holding my breath
waiting for the accusations to fly
wishing him all the best

Interesting lead "BOLT BEATS GAY".Congratulations and nuff respect to Mr Usain Bolt!!

Will Asafa be able to win again?

"AFASA" (Asafa) is gorgeous but i guess the lightening Bolt is back. I wonder what we feeding them why dem so fast...In Jamaica only B-men and Jo grind fast suh!

finally! was waiting for that youngster to show up again