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Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy, Nesquick, Rain!

It seems that Stunner's Afflictions has been experiencing long spells between posts. But once again, life, work and more work have gotten in the way of my posting. In other words, mi busy nu ra..! I have also been too busy to even browse by your blogs to read your posts. Even my photoblog, My World May Lens, has been suffering from my time constraints. But hopefully things will slow down soon. It seems these days when I am at work during the evenings I have a tonne load of work to do so I can't really steal any time to post or read. I am currently building a website for someone (click here to view or here to see the last site I built), so that has been taking up a lot of my time! Especially since I am in the learning stage. Then there is my never ending quest to attain physical fitness and a toned, muscular body AKA di summer body! Which of course is a very slow progress. Then there are the other day to day must dos and of course even a Stunner has to get some shut eyes!

Well, apart from people falling from hails of bullets, we are finally having some rainfall across the island. Thank God for some rain, because with the heat I was experiencing a few days ago I was certainly going to loose my mind as well as necessary clothing! It seems the Hurricane season is on it's was once again, just one day to go and it couldn't wait it just had to throw out a Tropical Storm before time! Yes mi fren' I woke up on Thursday morning to strung gusty winds molesting trees of every sort! little did I know there was a tropical storm out as see throwing a few bands our way. But alas, the effects were short lived so it was nothing to worry about! But it's not that bad yet, as the cooler weather and the rain brings much relief from the tormenting heat.

With all this rain and cool weather all I want to do is to wrap up in bed with some nice, hot, sweet Nesquick chocolate! Hehehehe!

I bet you never saw Nequick served this way before!!!! Anyways, enjoy unnuh weekend, mi gone browse through unnuh blogs!

9 commented:

Screw the chocolate, I would just want the other sweet stuff in the photo! ;)

Very busy here too, me bredda. Am doing a move of house this weekend, PLUS some weekend work!


I just got home at about 10:00 after moving some stuff around to make way for the beds that are being delivered in the AM, and on the way home, work called!

Anyway, me gone for a bit. We'll talk, Mr. Stunner. Peace!

Hmmm,Nesquick and a girl...what more can you want eh

rain makes gunmen stay home

@MB: LOL! I know, who needs chocolate when there is a woman like that! Hope the moving goes well!

@Abeni: LOL! that almost sums it up!

@GC: Not in Jamaica!!!

@justacoolcat: LOL!

lord those things are like life vests

Snuggled in bed with Nesquick? Are you serious? Bun a Nesquick, Milo and Horlicks a dweet.

i have a serious craving for chocolate now

I want some of that hot chocolate, and the Nesquick's good too. :)