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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Things Rough!!!

Things have been going up so much of late! It seems every single day something goes up, especially the price of oil which is now at US$120 a barrel. This will just cause another explosion in the prices we pay at the pumps. As if that wasn't bad enough, now we are experiencing food shortages and the resulting increase in food prices all over the world. But have you noticed how much everything has skyrocketed... exept our salaries. Things rough star!

12 commented:

well, I guess people will have to rediscover entertainment that doesn't require them to drive someplace

Tough all around, that's for sure.

At least you work in the private sector, think about the strain on us public servants in these times....rejoice and be glad, my brother, cause smaddy always worse off.... We just haffi cut back and try live while Prados, Pajeros and CLKs are bought by those who rough

It will definitely get worse, before it gets any better.Consequently,all of us need to,or, will have to become more conscious,conservation oriented,parsimonious,frugal and economical while exercising good management with our limited personal and family resources.

Rice gone up, Flour gone up. Shall we start cultivating cassava for our daily bread soon?

LOLOLOLOLOL....lovin di bar puts things into perspective..LOL

I guess everybody's feeling it, Mr. Stunner.

We've cut down on a lot of non-essentials, all the 'foreign' things, funny, our bill has dropped a bit. Prices on some veggies have dropped here. I'm in shock.

bannas...i aint know wat to tell u...'member that dub song from the 80s
'granny, stap hallerin out meh name...
'...laad me cyaan tek it no mo...'

'rice gaan up oh laad, chicken gaan up, flour...