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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Think It's Time To Move On...

After a good 4 years of being together, I think it is time to call it quits. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to just get up and give up on a relationship, especially one that has lasted so long. There were good times and bad time, ups and downs, but that can be expected from any relationship. We both have our faults, but I guess that's what a good relationship is all about, learning to accept each other's faults and to work around them. The times we had together and that we still have together is priceless, after all she was my first. The first to make me take control, the first to put total power in my hands, the first to give me the ride of my life the way I wanted.

But with all these positives and memories I can't fight this feeling, the feeling that it's time to part, time to move on with our lives, to take our separate paths. I tried to hold on longer, but the urge is so strong. At first when we came together as a team, it was fun, exhilarating, a bit nerve wrecking as we were both new to each other, even though she was more experienced than me. Even though she treated me well and took me to where I wanted to be as best as she could, despite me not treating her as good as I should have, I still think it's time we moved on.

I know my female bloggers are probably disappointed in me now, but this is just how life is. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how good it was in the beginning, no matter how much work you put in it, at a point you just have to give up. And giving up is so much easier when there is better out there, something newer, with more passion and make you heart crave with lustful desire. Yes I admit it, my heart has been captured by a new flame, no not a flame, a new raging fire!

The new object of my desire is a whole lot sexier, prettier, stronger and from the looks of things feel a lot better. I know without a doubt my new love will give me an even better ride of my life, will take me much further and much quicker than my old love. From the first time I laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight and I could just imagine what it would feel like to be inside, revving, turning and pushing the limits! She is very pricey, not sure if I can muster up the doe to win her over, but I know to have her to do my bidding is worth the effort.

I hope my old love will find someone who will take better care of her than I did, who will make her shine and look flashy. But that is just not me, it will not solve the problems she has and as she ages more problems will only follow. So I have decided to to do what I think is the smart thing and move on... Yes people I have decided it's time to sell my 1998 Honda Civic sedan and upgrade to a newer ride! I have been eying the new shape 2005 Honda Civic sedan! Yes it's pricey, but that is the only vehicle that I see that I want right now as the Japanese shape Accord is too expensive and I really don't want to go up to the 2.0 litre engine with these gas prices. I hope to be rolling clean by late this year if all goes well and the money flows right. So go ahead, gaze and dream with me on the new ride I want to get.

19 commented:

Can i bitch slap you for a moment stunner? Here i was thinking, awww him need consoling now, another ID THEN you drop dis bomb on me. Cho!You need a spankin for this.

I don't know man, I don't know. It looks big as a mofo

LOL! Love the twist at the end. Hope you get your sweet ride. ;)

you skipping the integra?

I knew it wasn't a woman, i actually thought he was quitting blogging, i sort of thought outside of the box:p. Stunner doesn't seem like the type of person who would pour his thought out online in the first place, good one though:P

@Browning: LOL! Hush, sorry to disappoint you. Seems like I accomplished my task. Now what were you saying about spanking? ;)

@Owen: Well it's bigger than the original civic, but not all that big. I'm not that much of a two door person so I'll pass up the Integra.

@Jamaican Dawta: Glad you liked it! I hope I get it too, I really want it.

@Gordon: Thinking outside the box does come in handy. Yeah, seems you read me like a book. lol

That was a mean way to start your post, Stunner!

This being my first time on your blog, I was thinking "OMG. What an SOB for just dumping his girl because she isn't exciting anymore!"

Mean... ;-)

Ah, you had me for a second.

I'm with Gordon, I thought you were quitting blogging or something!

I'm with Owen
looks large
you need a yaris if you want to save on gas

I knew right away you were talking about a new car!

lol I thought he was quiting blogspot or blogging in general.

hmm from a 98 civic to a 05? thats how much you love em?

Very creative....sometimes we just have to let go.

Check the insurance costs wicked out deh, just got a quote for $173,000 with no claim bonus....sticky, sticky sticky....but if that's what has your heart how can you turn your back afterall, the "ride of your life" will be worth it. had me thinking you were quitting the blog scene..phew! then you got to the ride part and it

OK so you got us good. But seeing the end results, moving on eint such a bad thing after all. But you could have got a step up to the CRV :-))

i know all the women probably thinking typical man, she give you the best years of her life and look how you treating her :-)

your such a nerd...i think browning said it best...

Beeetch Slap !

so about ur old car...dont you feel nice and charitable and wanna toss her this way for like dirt cheap? *cute puppy dog smile*

im with GC, i need a yaris in my life! but i cant seem to find one...