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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

On Monday night I went to see The Forbidden Kingdom at Carib 5. I haven't seen any movies of such that would grab me to go to the movies, however The Forbidden Kingdom did seem like a movie I could watch at the movies. After all, it had two of my favorite martial arts stars, Jakie Chan and Jet Li, so there must be at the least a few good parts! Well, it seemed it was not a bad call at all, as the movie was totally enjoyable.

Both jet Li and Jackie Chan threw in their usual impressive martial arts skills to entertain and and kept you glued to the screen. It fact, they had a really crazy fight scene between the two of them that would not only excite a martial arts junkie. But the movie was not all action as it was pleasantly punctuated with a nice amount of comedy to give you a few laughs. The story line was ok I guess, even though it is fictional and based on Japanese or Chinese folklore. But who really pays attention to story line when you want to see some kick-ass fighting?

As usual, I will not tell you what the details of the movie, as that would just spoil the fun. The Forbidden Kingdom is not a big block buster-like movie, but it will surely entertain you and won't make you feel like yo wasted your money. Based on what I went in expecting, as I was expecting just a decent movie, I give it a 4 out of 5.

10 commented:

This show looks like a good time. I can't wait to see it.Well, I'll probably wait for it to be on DVD, but you know what I mean.

Stunner, I am a fan of both Jackie Chan an Jet Li. I use to take martial arts (back in the day) I am going to see it today

just one question
did you or did you not rofl at Jackie Chan's "Hair"?

I've grown tired of these save the [blank] from the [blank] story lines. Last one I liked was crouching tiger hidden dragon.

Can't tell when last I went to a movie. Apart from the price hike the place just dirty. I will wait on the dvd:)

Sounds like a great movie. Didn't Jet Li say he was gonna retire after Fearless?

Cool. Those two are my favourites, and I was waiting for a movie that would showcase them together.

"Tai Chi" will forever be my top martial arts movie, followed by "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

i want to see this but may wait for video

i'm sorry...but i really didn't enjoy this bland movie -_-.

the white haired witch/bitch was kinda cool/sexy though...she can whip me anyday ;)

I love the "Golden Sparrow."