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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Has anyone noticed how hot it is, or is it just me? Am I suffering from a fever, Dengue maybe? I feel no pain, no dizziness, my lips aren't cracking. I felt my forehead and I felt my neck with the back of my hand, but I don't feel a fever. It has been so hot these last few days here in Kingston, and when I say hot I don't mean 'I can fan myself cool hot'. I mean miserable, tormenting, sweat oozing, skin burning, relentless heat. I can't believe it's this hot and it is not even Summer as yet and worse it May! May, the so called rainy month! Isn't it supposed to be cool and wet right now, instead of like some, desolate arid region?

Things have gotten so bad that, shirts and A-shirts are no longer a part of my bedtime attire, and if it gets any worse than this I think my draws will suffer the same fate! Rolling over my sheets has become nothing more than an empty, monotonous, nightly ceremony that I do, as it doesn't get even the slightest chance to cover my skin. Once the fan used to be on the medium setting, then it went to high as it oscillated to cool the room. But with heat like this, no more left, right, up or down for me, I want the full blast of the breeze directly on me. I can't allow even a second to elapse with me being separated from the wind. But alas, not even that can bring relief as the fan only throws hot air at me, as I toss and turn in my burning agony!

Hoping and praying for cooler days only seem like a fantasy, a dream in the face of this heat and the impending summer months. If the hottest months are not yet here and it is this hot now, how will I survive? My extremely hot oven... um, sorry, I mean apartment, is not equip with the luxury of an air conditioning unit. So now it has become necessary to approach my landlady for assistance to end my torture and install a unit, even a small one was my apartment is not big at all. If this is granted, it will mean another hole in my already porous pocket, but, I am now willing to make the sacrifice just to have peace, a good night's rest, escape from this torment. Hopefully she will have pity on me and install a unit as I can't picture myself going through the intense torture that I suffered last summer. There were night when I only had 2 hours sleep due to the sweltering temperatures. So an AC is not just a want, but now a need!

Until there are once again cooler days or my landlady installs a unit I will have to try my best to live through this hot, humid condition, especially in the confines of my apartment. But mi nah lie, it hot nuh ra..!

13 commented:

nope is not you alone enduring the heat and with someone wih sinus issues like me it's double trouble

1)Yes it's just you. I think you're going through menopause early.

2)Try "air drying". Right out of the shower in front the fan.

3)Drink lots of water

4) Maybe you're just hot, because your a hot boy.

hush yah.

It hot here too so much that I wondered if I having early menopause:)

Can't wait for the rains

you could put ice packs in the freezer then wrap with a towel and put at your feet when you go to sleep at night
try sleeping in the nude
keep the lights off in the daytime

it is hot all around, i started feeling it a long time ago. miserable. but to be that hot at nights too? where you live portmore dont? lol

my fan will cool my down at night once i shower right before bed so i still use my covers.

this is my new addy btw, you were asking to keep you in the loop :)

Is not you one. It has become hotter, what with all these climate and environmental changes.

it's not that hot in my neck of the woods yet.. I still have been sleeping without the fan since it got cool in december :D

but remember I sleep with my windows wide open so I gets lots of cool night air :)

mi seh a mi fi tell u bout hot.... an worse mi kinda on the heavy side...more while mi feel like mi a sleep inna waterbed (of sweat)

It's been raining here and everything is flowering. It feels good.

It really hot hereso too! I went to the beach yesterday and that was all everyone was talking about!

I think this heat is ridiculous now. I thought it would start raining this week, and yes, it has started raining all around us (Tryall, Anchovy...) but we not getting any here in Mobay. I'm sure we'll ahve rain for Labour Day...we always do.

I think we go through this every year though, complain about the ridiculous heat and then when the rainy season comes we start complaining about the rain. LOL!