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Friday, May 23, 2008

Buy One Get One, Gun and Wheels Deal!

I have heard of car dealers luring potential customers with discounts, lower rate financing, first three months free, motor vehicle insurance discounts, free servicing for the first year or so, high-end cellphones with purchase, and even free gas! But I have never heard of any dealer offering a free hand gun with the purchase of a vehicle!... Until now! I was just idly skipping through on the internet when I saw this article.

Even though this seems to be a very creative market strategy, considering that the dealer has said that sales have quadrupled, to me this does not sound like a good idea. It can be said that getting a gun in the US is as easy as getting candy from a store. And a marketing strategy like this just fuels and highlights the gun culture that the US exhibits. I know in the US everyone has their constitutional right to protect themselves and bear arms, but to me this marketing move is just pushing it too far!

9 commented:

Kinda a one stop "drive-by shooting" shop.That's what you call niche marketing.

the get-away car and the gun all at one convenient location. all you need is your own mask.

May soon become part OF our saleS pitch too.Protect your new investment;)

did you see bowling for columbine when the fellas were offering the opn a bank account get a free gun deal. yea man americans love off that right to bare arms and we not talking about wearing short sleeves

I don't see a problem if the background check is performed and the buyer is clean

i wonda if they tinkin bout openin branches in the caribbean...