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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dark Knight

So after seeing the trailers that flooded the TV screens and the Internet, reading the countless comments and reviews, I decided I wanted to go to the movies to watch the much hyped Dark Knight. I had great expectations going to see this movie, after all the trailers were fast pace, heart pumping and action packed. And the reviews were enticing, not to mention the huge turnout at the box office, this movie must be the best thing since Spiderman!

So on Saturday I went to the Cinema in the Cross County Shopping Center to watch this most touted summer block buster. Well, after watching the movie, I was speechless, not because the movie was so great, but because I don't really know how to describe the movie. First of all it didn't live up to my expectations, based on how the media, trailers and reviews hyped it up to be. I expected more action scenes and some kick-ass fighting scenes, but that was not fulfilled. The overall story line was good, but the only problem I had was the extremely minor role Two-Face played in the movie. The movie wasn't boring, yet it wasn't exhilarating, as it was just enough to keep you interested from the beginning to the end.

The late Heath Ledger, as said by many, did put on a good performance as the Joker. It was kinda weird watching a new release with a dead actor though. This new interpretation of the Joker was definitely different from what I was used to! He was pretty darn demented and evil, but a very clever mastermind, who brought Gotham to its knees.

Overall, I think it was a pretty decent movie. Even though it did not live up to my expectations, I didn't feel like it was a waste of money to watch it at the cinema. If you wanted to go to the Cinema to watch it, you should go as it's not a bad movie and of course i am not a professional movie critic. I give it a Stunner rating of 3.5 out of 5, partially due to it's failure to live up to my expectations.

15 commented:

Dude, NO movie could live up to the Dark Knight's expectations. You shouldn't mark it down for that.

let me just say I hate batman movies. This was the first batman movie I watch since about '96 and it was good! I'd recommend it as a must watch for this summer.

lol the joker was definitely demented, a much better interpretation than the old jokers.. this one was f'ing crazy

I have all intentions of seeing it. I just dont know if the $500 Carib charging will be worth it. Anyone seen Hulk? How is that?

movies never quite live up to the hype. But I'm going to see this tomorrow.

Sorry I had to *skim* this because I saw Dark Knight and I want to see it but I don't want any spoilers. I'll be back!

mmmmmm been wondering about dark knight.... the DC comics just not clicking with me at all on the movie level. Will wait on dvd ....

Tami the hulk was pooko poooko

It was a great movie.. really terrific! I loved it, and the Joker was just too funny... Mebbe cuz I didnt have any expectations, really, but still, I recommend it to all and sundry... no bootlegging for this one!

Tami, Hulk is nothing compared to Dark Knight. It doesn't stnad too well on its own either...

Haven't watched it yet, but U're the only reviewer I know so far who isn't givin' it a rave review. Sounds like Joker carried de whole show, which is kinda what ah was expectin'. Anyway, mi naw watch it, de man dead, an' Rasta noh goh a finnaral. (Sorry, ah just admired him too much to go watch him now.)

I thought it was a good movie. You were probably expecting something more along the lines of Transformers with more action.

I thought it showed that you could have a decent storyline for a movie based on a comic and it was well done.

Heath Ledger was good but because of all the hype I expected that. What got me was I thought Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent put in an excellent performance as well but was lost in the hype of Ledger.

Yet to see it but am going to.I see you in florida..woohooo

I haven't seen Dark Knight yet but I want to now.

3.5 out of 5 is just about right Stunner. I saw the movie last night, great performance by the joker. As for Batman, one has to wonder if Gotham's pharmacies don't stock Strepsils, Ricola or Cholraseptic for that sore throat of his. I couldn't unsterstand the words coming out of his mouf!

I see you fell prey to the wonderful tool of Marketing...that's what they do (Hollywood)..they lure you in with the best scenes from the movie then when you go watch it you are left wanting (but not in a good way) each his own though, seems some of your peeps enjoyed it.

i agree with the strepsils man the voice was horrible, and two-face was scary to look at :(