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Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Roundup With Some Sweetness

It's Friday again! Yay!... Well, nothing much to get excited about though, even though I am, strangely, off this weekend. The thing is, I am so used to NOT having weekends off, that when I do get one I don't know what the hell to do with it. So of course, this is one such weekend that I have no particular plans for. But I am sure that I will find something to do, even if it is lazing around the entire weekend, after all doesn't a hard working young man deserve that! So what has the Stundar (Stunner Radar) picked up this week?

Who Am I?
During my regular browsing on the Internet I found out that Beenie Man, the girls dem suga or more like D'Angel suga daddy, has released his biography entitled "Who am I?... The untold Story of Beenie Man" [photos here]. Well this seems to be a good move to increase his earnings, but come on, there are actually more stories? Beenie Man's life has been basically a public saga from his inception into Dancehall till now! The latest being his well known love affair with female Dancehall Artiste, D'Angel. But based on what we know so far of the Artiste's dramatic life, this book should definitely be interesting!

More Celebrity Expos'e!
The Internet expos'e continues in our little island of Jamaica! This comes hot off the heels of recent videos of well known Jamaican television/media personalities engaging in their personal sexual activities. There are pictures being circulated on the Internet, I know because I got them, of a popular television personality posing topless for the camera. In the picture there is no mistaking who she is or where she works as if you look closely you can see her company logo on the shirt she had on. But what is interesting about this one is that she is the coworker of the famous "Milk" and as if that is not enough, she is now hosting the very same show that Milk hosted before the release of her sex tape! Maybe it is just me, or is something a bit fishy about this? Looking in, looking out, looking even better, indeed!

Gloom Over the City
Once again the city of Kingston has been covered with gloom, no not crime, that hasn't left! No it's smoke sweeping through the city from the Riverton landfill as it is once again on fire. I personally have not been affected by the smoke as persons in other areas of the corporate area have. Maybe it's due to my location or the wind direction, but even though it seems the smoke has reached everywhere by now, it is not as bad where I am. The last time (yes, it seems to happen every year) there was a fire, I was living off Red Hills road and I ended up at the doctor and on medication. So I have a lot to be thankful for this time.

That's just some of the news hitting the Stunner-waves this week. Hopefully I will enjoy my weekend off and hope you will too! As I haven't dropped on of these in a long time, here is a Weekend Eye Candy to kick-off the weekend.

Borrowed from Outa Road

11 commented:, sex tapes are the rage? Strange, someone sent me an email today o some Caymanian gyals engaged in lewed behaviour with a fellow. Very lude, crude and me aint know why the threesome decide to take pics in this'ya day and age. Eedyats.

Happy Friday...

lol, i got them today. Oh btw stunner i emailed you asking you to send me the bank porn video; you never did...:(

more sex pics?

who is the girl? I am lost.

Oh, my, my, my. Thanks for that last bit of eye candy.

lawd have mercy! is what going on with the CVM people?!?!?!?

The age of exhibitionists. It never fails to amuse me how thes epics manage to get leaked everytime

i dont get them yet. My people's slow. FWD ASAP!

its candace buchanan man y'all are slow! lol they were on Facebook can u believe? story went someone was playing a joke bout he gon put them up and tek them off same time or some crap but u kno that was on everyone's newsfeed same time. silly silly.