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Monday, July 14, 2008

Beware of Supermarket Specials!!!

On Saturday I decided to go to the Supermarket to pick up a few items that I had run out of. So off I went to a well known supermarket, which I will not name, on Red Hills road to restock on the few items. One of such item was butter... well margarine. So after picking up some of the items I went down to the isle to the section with the butter. But this time I decided to deviate from my normal choice of Blue Band Creamy, is search of a different taste and value for my money. Then as my eyes glanced across the shelves, a Special sign caught my eyes! This wasn't any ordinary special on any ordinary butter! It was a very good special on some really tasty, foreign, Country Crock butter! So immediately I was drawn to the brightly coloured yellow and red sign to investigate!

I stared in disbelief as the small tub of Country Crock, which is almost equivalent to the big tub of Blue Band and Flora, was only JM$84.10 (US$1.16) down from the regular price of JM$177.75 (US$2.46)! I couldn't believe it, this was my chance to indulge in butter that I only enjoy when I am in the US on vacation. This was too good to be true, so I immediately pawned up a tub to throw it in my shopping cart until...

Then I really wondered to myself, 'this is too good to be true, there must be a catch'! And right I was, as when I spun around the tub to look at the expiration date, to my disappointment it said August 05, 2008! What the hell, my dream of buying tasty foreign butter cheaper than the small tub of my ordinary butter was dashed! Well for someone with a family this wouldn't be bad, but for a health conscious, single male this is a problem. That tub of butter would serve me quite a while, and even longer as I will be away on vacation in a weeks time and won't be back till after that expiration date. So after inspecting all the tubs, which as expected had the same expiration date, I placed them back on the shelf and took up one of the ordinary priced tub of butters with acceptable expiration dates. Surprisingly, it was cheaper than the big tub of the margarine I normally buy.

Oh, yeah, I just remembered, the moral of the story: 'beware of supermarket specials, always check for the pros and cons'. It seems this is a good way for the supermarkets to get rid of stuff that will soon expire. Yes, lure unsuspecting shoppers with promises of great deals with their bright colourful signs!

16 commented:

Actually my man, just society as a whole and bypassing the fact that your post in particular had to do with butter, but if anything is too good to be true, chances are it is. Too bad on that. Hopefully, next time it'll be more lucrative for you man.

I've learnt this lesson the hard way many times over the last year....

Good thing you ar eobservant. In a certain supermarket here every time there are specials the alarm bells go off immediately

You know, this is such a lesson for me. I am what one may call an impulsive shopper, picking up things and I do not read labels. That country crock wudda be in my fridge forever, and I would never know exactly is what made me sick!

interesting pics, look like you did a little investigation and find some real dirt.

I can relate to this experience, I was tricked one day into buying 2 bottles of lucozade for the price of one.

I was not as lucky because after taking home my lucozade the corks had a dark dirt like clue that made them very hard to open. After testing the insipid drink it all went down the drawn.

2 for the price of one, lets just say they open my eyes a little wider

yep, GNc did that to me with some vitamins years ago and since then I've been very very careful

butter goes bad?

lol I remember once I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of stuff only to find out when I went home it was all expired. :(

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LOL at Adrian

Stunner dont you know that supermarkets use FIFO method? As in First in - First Out. The newer or last to expire products are usually stocked at the back. People always think im weird when i dig to the back for stuff, but i know better hehe.

I still think you should have bought it all. That stuff never goes bad.

LOL i saw that special on the branch down at the blvd and am now on my second tub

country crock is good pass up!!!

isn't country crock margarine?
It should be good until the turn of the century

yuh neva cuss nuh bad wud and gwaan bad?

lol@CP leart the lesson the hard way MANY TIMES... isn't that just so typically like humans?

Even tho we all kno to beware of items on sale, cant hurt to get told agen

ha! They nearly got you. I need to start inspecting the specials at my supermarket too.

Thanks for the education Stunner.But again, it comes back to the old statement CAVEAT EMPTOR!Let the buyer beware, which in essence is the axiom that when a person buys something he or she does so at his or iher own peril.